Emotions and thoughts coming and going

Hey guys so recently while I am 94 days sober I am having these weird emotions and thoughts that come and go throughout the day. Like yesterday I had a really bad anxiety attack and in the evening I had the pink cloud effect. This morning I had anxiety and nervousness but seems I am able to control my mind better. Before the anxiety and nervousness would last days at a time. This is like some weird limbo back and forth stage . Is this a sign I am healing ?

Yes, this is a sign that things are, indeed, getting better. When I hit that stage I used to get so excited about feeling better, then so hopeless because it came back. But, trust me, this is amazingly good (as far as these things go). Don’t let the yo-yo of this stage get you down. It starts getting a LOT better from here on out!

Congrats on 94 days! HUGE!


Thanks I just get worried at times because my anxiety and stress brought me some dark thoughts I want to get rid of forever.

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Yeah, I completely understand. Just remember, this is a journey, not a destination. You are exactly where you should be at 90+ days. This is kind of the proving ground. It’s completely normal, whatever that means. Now is when you start to learn how to cope, really cope, with the mental health aspect of your addiction. Don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to find strategies and coping mechanisms.


Yea I been doing EFT and wim hof breathing and taking amino acids. It’s nice to have someone said that this means I am healing. This whole process has been scary and a living hell I don’t ever want to go through again.


I’m going through some really intense anxiety and depression right now, at 890 days sober. It sucks! But I know why I’m going through it and I know how to deal with it now. That first year was where I learned all the coping skills I now employ. I’m still learning new ones too.


Yes! Yes! I can relate.
Think of a baby… going through a growth spurt.
Discomfort always preceeds growth.

Solid words here.

Thanks everyone it definitely makes me feel better !