Engineering and Architecture Admirers

Many of you know I love the animals and nature threads. The earth is full of genuinely organic artwork everywhere.

Here, I’m interested to see some man-made structures and creations you enjoy. Historical or modern. From your hometown or your travels.

Churches/castles/ruins/houses, bridges/tunnels, statues/monuments, landscaping, ponds/pools, technology, vehicles/machinery, furniture, you get the picture :camera_flash:

A ten minute walk from my house, this is something unique to my city, built in 1902 and still used today.

The Upside-down Bridge.


This is such a good idea for a thread! You have some cool interests. Def going to start taking photos for this.


This is the Hoffstadt Bridge, the longest and tallest of fourteen bridges on the Spirit Lake highway approaching Mt St Helens. It’s the third tallest bridge in the PNW, at 370 feet above the Hoffstadt Creek below. It’s on a running route, one of a very few paved runs I will take on. I know so much about it only bc pre-run coffee activates my latent fear of heights–this is as close as I got on this particular day!!!


When I have some more time I will hunt sow the photos I took in Panama and Charleston. I love old churches and monuments. I also love night time city skylines


Nice topic! This card from 1662cgives a nice impression how Amsterdam, at the height of its richness and power, built the three concentric canals -Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht and Herengracht- around the old medieval town, to house the rich merchants. With on the right the workman’s District the Jordaan (where my dad was born in 1931).


I am in! I work with churches and love their design…old, new, they all have something special.

I also love houses designed in the inter-war period, and garden cities :heart_eyes:


I love this thread, that structure is so visually pleasing!


I’m not sure I would be taking that bridge either, quite impressive though!


This is the Pensford Viaduct in Somerset. Constructed way back when to service the railway and industrial revolution back and forwards of goods from Bristol. It was built in 1874. The last train ran in the 1950s and after structural damage from floods it became completely disused from the 60s. In 1984 it was offered for sale to anyone who wanted to purchase it for £1GBP. The repairs alone are presumed so high that to this day it has no takers and now it’s an unwanted piece of government/institutional property.

It has a lovely walk beneath it alongside the river Chew, with wild swimming spots in a few areas.

Follow the valley walk for two or so miles and you reach the Stanton Drew stone circles, one of the largest three stone circles in the UK including Stone Henge, just not as popular…

Quite pretty and distinctive different architecture I would say within a three mile radius!


Omg I love this. Just about to go to sleep but making a mental note to come back and read again, then go and explore the Internet. It has everything I love :heart_eyes:


Lovely area for a holiday! Cheddar Gorge is amazing as well! Then there’s bath and the Roman spa baths. The whole area is a treasure!


The newer Halifax Public library in Nova Scotia (not my photos)


These are photos I actually took of this church while I was working for the organization that owned and operated about 20 buildings including this one. It’s the our Lady of Victory Basilica - very beautiful inside!


Yes!!! I was so excited to get out of work and see where this went :smiley: Really awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see more!


@Bootz - that bridge looks crazy high. I feel most people have an innate fear of heights.

@Mno - my city was built around the completion of the Erie Canal which runs directly through it. Not nearly as long ago as yours though!

@Tragicfarinelli - A lot of people walk across the top because it’s a huge shortcut across the city. I’ve done it drunk in heels. Never doing that again. Viaducts are neat too. Crazy it’s just there, existing.

@Salty - now that is what I’m talking about! Gorgeous :star_struck: I love windows.

@Petr - I’ve seen that church, but only in passing. It’s HUGE! Very beautiful interior.


Oh, such a great idea, this thread, I love architecure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Down below one of my all time favourite buildings in Europe - the Oslo opera house. It was built to resemble an iceberg, sliding into the oslo fjord. Its a fully public space, you can sit on the roof and people eat their lunch there, skate down or just sun bathe.


I have no pictures to show off yet. But I’ve put this topic on my watch list. Really looking forward to seeing some awesome buildings and structures.


Puebla, Mexico


This is a great thread! There are so many buildings and structures I love. I can’t pick a favourite.

Here are some highlights for me from Quebec City. Some of these pictures are mine, some I downloaded from Wikipedia (they’re free to share with attribution):

Quebec is just a stunning city if you love stonework. Here is La Citadelle de Quebec, a historic fort in the city that is made of earthwork and stone (it’s also one of two official residences of the King of England in Canada; the other is in Ottawa); for defence, it’s in the shape of a half-star and it backs onto a cliff overlooking the St Lawrence River (it is also steps from the Plains of Abraham, where the British beat the French in 1759, which was a key battle in the Seven Years War and which is part of the reason why, in 1776, the area claimed for independence by the United States went all the way to the Mississippi from north to south - history!):

This is the Château Frontenac, one of Canada’s “railway hotels”, built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to accommodate travellers on Canada’s newly-built transcontinental railway:

This is the city wall around Old Quebec, which contains the historic district (which is a beautiful space to walk and take in the atmosphere - if you like walking tours, this is the space):


That. Is. Insane. I love it, but also fear it.