Enough is enough,

Hi, I’m new to this site and have only been reading with the odd comment for a week now but suddenly feel as if I could do with a bit of support (sorry if that sounds needy)! I was on and off (mainly on) Heroin for 20ish years. Three years ago I quit using methadone and 34 days ago I have quit that too. The first 20 days were much easier then expected and I even managed to keep up with my 50 hour a week job. Unfortunately the last fortnight has been a struggle, I am having really restless and disturbed sleep and my energy levels are through the floor. I have now come down with the flu and although I know none of this will be fixed by using anything, and I wouldn’t, not after how far I’ve come, something has got to get better! I feel like my mind and body can’t keep feeling this drained, im getting run down. Any advise would be welcome?


Hey I’m a user if heroin and benzos I’m 76 days clean the sleep is always the worst tbh and always the last to right itself keep with it your doing fantastic I myself still have methadone to come off which is far worse I’m tapering ATM,us there any chance you could maybe take a weeks holiday so you can get some rest and work on you for abit 50 hrs whilst coming off heroin that’s pushing it even for me lol :rofl: do you attend any community based recovery groups like n.a or smart recovery,Nate your doing amazing just remember to self live/care for yourself and be patient,try to get even 3 days off

If I’m honest I cut all drug ties three years ago when I quit the heroin and always felt that support groups just put me in a vulnerable position. Mixing with people that are all dealing with similar situations at different stages of recovery. I know they work for some people but if I’m honest, they scare me.

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There meant to take you out of your comfort zone to start with but whatever works for you ,you can do them online if that helps

That is why I thought I’d try this site. Well done with the 76 days clean though! The meth is easy if you taper low enough, just the longer lack of energy and disturber sleep that’s a bit sole destroying. You are totally right though, i do need a break, its just a little difficult to get more than one day off at a time at the mo and with a 14 year old son life his just hectic!

I live with depression and a chronic illness on top of the addiction. I know the no energy part is rough…the hardest part of depression and chronic illness for sure. I find a good regimen of self-care to be the best help because there really is no cure in my case.

My regimen includes at least 7 hours sleep every night, reading self-help materials, eating well with built in cheat days, yoga and being as positive as I can. And of course working a 12 step program. No magic, just what works for me.

Welcome and I hope the forum helps you.

Thank you, I have been considering Yoga and some Self Help material to help with the restful mind and constant impatience. Any suggestions for a good read, I’m a bit of a book worm.

I mostly read daily meditation books by Hazelden. For recreation purposes I am a bookworm too. Just finished the latest Stephen King book and now I’m on The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. I love mysteries, thrillers and paranormal stuff. I am also reading the 12 steps of Debtor’s Anonymous.

Gentle, wind down yoga is a great way to start yoga. Good luck. I try to do a little every night.