Entry for Day 17

I attended a family gathering where there was alcohol to be expected and they kept offering me to drink from time to time but I declined. I did not even feel a slight urge to drink, and I’m not sure if this is also influenced by my new minimal carb diet I’ve been trying for 2 weeks since my last drink. Instead, I drank hot tea that I brought with me and which helped remind me to stick to a healthier option.

Afterwards, I caught up with a family member’s partner who I last saw 3 years ago to leave for their work overseas and I noticed that they’ve changed drastically from who they were since then. This person is drinking their pain away to developing possible chronic alcoholism and refuse to get help from a mental health professional. I kindly talked to them about this problem back then but they shrugged it off, and the same thing just happened earlier but worse because they think they can go through their difficult situation alone. It’s painful to observe this dear family member suffering in the background and I felt like crying when I came home because my heart felt heavy for them. This person also responded insensitively in some topics but I remained passive in my expression in spite of being somewhat emotionally triggered after.

I hope I can make it through this time while maintaining a spirit of love and fortitude. I hope for the same for the rest of you folks in this community and outside of it who struggle with this unhealthy habit/addiction.

Prayers are more than welcome too. :pray::white_heart:

Good news: I weighed myself and lost a kilogram for the two weeks of no alcohol and monitoring my diet!


Welcome back, Raven. Glad you’re here. You handled your family gathering well, and congrats on sticking with sobriety. It’s sad to see others you care about go down a path that you know isn’t healthy. I’ve seen my father, my mother, and three brothers all succumb to their addictions :pensive: I’m aware of my husband’s daily struggles as well, and it’s very tough. But all Ican do is focus on my own health and well being.

Metta Prayer

May all beings be peaceful.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be safe.

May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature.

***May all beings be free.***:pray:


Thank you for your prayer, Pattycake. I hope your family can eventually find the light through the darkness of their addictions. Your help and encouragement are much needed and appreciated. :pray::white_heart: Sending you love and positivity.

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Welcome back to the community Raven and a huge congrats on your 2 weeks of sobriety and healthier living!

Great job in navigating through the gathering without caving and also smart to have brought your own back up to drink. I am sorry your close family friend is sinking into the alcohol hole and not wanting help. Unfortunately we can’t help anyone else find the way to sobriety - it is an individuals journey and until they are ready - not much can be done. Grateful that the encounter and the insensitive remarks did not alter your commitment to sobriety.

This community has been my savior with its immense support - stick around and I hope it can be the same for you.

PS - congrats that you are already seeing positive results from being sober and healthy eating :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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:pray:thank you

Idk why my thanks went to me up instead of you, but :pray:

Thank you for the warm welcome, JazzyS!

It’s not as easy as it seems in my post but I’m glad, too, to see a bit of progress physically and emotionally as well. When I first joined this community I was in the middle of recovery. Then, for almost a year I relapsed so I’m trying again to recover. Your kind words and support are appreciated.

Have a great day/evening. :pray::white_heart:


You are so welcome Raven
glad to have you back on the recovery journey - we are here with you on this journey! keep strong :muscle: