Eurovision song contest sober.. will it be any good?


Yes she was good…and Annie Lennox is great… but on nil points so far😭


Ireland should give some to UK :grinning:


Israel winner! I thought they had a good chance… thanks for Eurovision party guys :grin:


Oh. I am so excited to go watch this! I had never heard of it!


It’s cheesy music and awkward television at its finest with the occasional amazing song and one of the gayest audiences you will ever see. I hope you enjoy.


That’s well explained @NewPerspective :wink: I was a bit disappointed about the low number of points for the UK and Ireland. Loved both songs and voted for both of them :heart_eyes: Has been a funny tv night for me even alone on my sofa I had fun with the people on here. Let’s have another funny sober night at work tonight :neutral_face: but hey I can crawl into bed when everybody has to get ready for the day :smile::wink:


I really liked Cyprus. Wanted them to win. Also Ireland was lovely.