Everyone have a nice week?

Ive been well, workin constant and keeping busy, feeling good, hope everyone else had a good week :grin:


Hiya you! I’m really glad your week has gone ok and that you’re feeling good. It’s another week of the crazies chalked off for me…anywho :+1: I’m all good! Got my head round this lockdown now, it is what it is. Glad you’re ok matey :+1::pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Its been crazy im on my 5th 13 hour shift tomorrow covids hit big timeeee but oh well more P for the wallet! And glad youve managed well did you do anything nice for bonfire?

You’re going to be loaded my friend! £££:hugs: lol. No, it was really quiet round where we are. Usually there is fireworks going off all over. Just a nice quiet chilled night, with herbal tea and Shed loads of Chocky. Hey but you know what they say? While ever we are marching we’re not fighting! That’s what my dad used to say… please stay safe out there James. You are doing such a good job under some very difficult circumstances. :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Cant beat some herbal tea had lots of it in my isolation days, an fireworks been crazy where i live constant going off hahah

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Good to see you James. Great week here thanks, went bloody fast though.

Stressful week, but managed well. Friend had a bilateral mastectomy, the freakin election, parents still getting settled in their new house and kids school at home with me 3 days. Sigh* SIGH* for the people in the back! Lots of deep breathing. Lots of thoughtfulness before I open my mouth and react. 2 years ago I would have been drinking to blackout to get away from all of it. 4 years ago I was! Now…taking it in stride and working towards what I can control and letting go of the things I can not. ONE DAY AT A TIME