Ex wife wants me to come to a VFW and sing for dying mother

So my ex-wife got ahold of me and asked if I would come out and sing when she takes her mother out for probably the last time. Her mother is in bad shape and has requested me to sing her favorites. (I use to sing in a group and made good money but also my habit of taking painkillers really amped up then). I have asked my sponsor to go with me. What does everyone think about this situation? I am strictly doing it for my ex mother inlaw. :v::heartpulse::crazy_face:


I think if you can be around your ex wife and you both behave like adults, it is a lovely kind request and gift to all of you. How wonderful to be thought of so kindly. And how blessed you all are to share a tender moment together after all you have likely been thru. I think it sounds like a positive opportunity for healing and putting some positive juju into the world. :heart:

Of course, if it may be triggering in some way for you, then you would need to rethink doing this.


Great idea to bring your sponsor with you. If you go, I hope it’s a life affirming experience. If you start to feel uncomfortable, you could always cut the trip short. Good luck.