Experiences with AA and alternatives to AA

Hey guys, what are your experiences with AS? What are alternatives?

I love AA. Real life support is crucial for my recovery. SMART and Women for Sobriety are alternatives.

Hi. I was wondering the same thing. I’ve never been to a meeting.

AA saved my life, my marriage, my freedom, and my sanity. I am happier than I’ve ever been. All thanks to hard work and AA


You have to try different meetings and different formats to find some that work for you.

I was at care and share meetings at the start and found a lot of them were much the same and it was hit and miss with the speakers, but I usually found some help from it as I was seeing sober alcoholics so something must have been working for them.

It gave me an opportunity to meet other people who told me about other meetings and the 12 step program. This sounded more appealing to me than just listening to people’s stories all the time, so I checked out a big book meeting to find out what it was about. I jumped in to it rather than wait a while as I was well aware if I didn’t make changes life was only going to go in one direction and it wasn’t the right one.

There a guy who is now my sponsor spoke of the allergy and mental obsession, this all of a sudden made sense to me. He told me to read the doctors opinion and come see him the following week so I did and haven’t looked back. My life has transformed.

I still attend that group most weeks and I actively help them with things which feels rewarding. I have made some friends and to continue my work on myself I am going to my first 12 step meeting this week which I think will help me evaluate my program work and it’s an ongoing process. I still and always will have to improve myself.

I haven’t found a sponsee yet so trying to help where I can, yet it is not overly intrusive in my life and I am never obliged to do anything.

My life sober is such a gift and whilst I have stayed sober for prolonged periods of time previously, in the back of my mind I always planned I would drink again as I hadn’t dealt with a good few life challenges.

AA helped me deal with them, now I only think of a sober existence, there are no cunning plans in place and no one is pushing religion on me, which I often think is a big misconception of those who are slightly discerning about it. For me it has for the majority of the time been a positive experience.

It might work for you, it might not but it’s worth a try and worth keeping an open mind. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I’m personally not a fan of AA but there is no doubt that loads of people swear by it. It obviously does work for a lot of people but if you discover you are like me and AA doesn’t work for you , another popular alternative is SMART RECOVERY. People with addiction issues come together in a group and are taught CBT therapy skills that will help them deal with addiction issues. I love CBT and it’s techniques that focus on changing the perception / way you think about things. I find it so helpful:)

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Refuge Recovery,it is a budhist based recovery program

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