Expressing Self in Relationship/Marriage

Both my husband and I drank. Often we drank heavily together on the weekends. So, after my DUI and incident that occurred at the end of 2019- we both said “no more”. The difference between him and I is that I was drinking alone every day. I woke up and drank a beer instead of coffee (completely embarrassing but sadly the truth) & almost always stopped at the liquor store on my home from work . I have been sober since but whenever I try to express myself to him and say that a big milestone such as 3 months is coming up and I am proud of myself he always comments “me too”. I don’t think he truly understands that remaining sober for me is hard and I’m not always so sure how I feel when he does that. I love him but it made for an awkward afternoon today…


Congratulations on making it well past your 30 day mark. And congratulations to him too. Neither of you may experience the same challenges while you’re both abstaining from alcohol. It sounds like your getting the impression from your husband that quitting is easy. And it may be, FOR HIM. Others may not completely understand what an accomplishment it is to stay sober. A lot of us here on TS know exactly what it’s like to deal with unsympathetic relatives.

At least your husband is quitting drinking for now. Many spouses choose to continue while the other is in recovery.

Stay Strong. we’ll support you.