Extreme fatigue 24 days sober

Anyone else experience extreme fatique after they stopped drinking!? 24 days sober and I sleep pretty well… but I’m tired and exhausted 24-7 :frowning:


I think it’s normal to have some fatigue, your brain is trying to get back to a normal chemical balance. If you are not functioning at all or having a hard time doing normal daily tasks i would visit your doctor. I recommend fish oil and vitamin D supplements, they make a big difference

Your body and mind are healing, give it time. I thought after a couple of weeks of sobriety I would be more energetic. It took a bit longer find that energy and there are still some sluggish moments.

Yes i experienced extreme fatigue around then as well! the body really starts to recognize a new normal and that must be exhausting.

Stay hydrated! Brace yourself for big emotions to come! You absolutely can do this.

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Yes! I have found I’ve been absolutely exhausted since I stopped drinking. It is getting better slowly.im on day 105. Keep going. Hopefully in time we will feel the benefits as our bodies heal xx

Great job! I think our brain is so used to the highs and lows when it levels out it just feels like blah