F-me tonight!


Tonight sucks the cravings are horrible! The liquor stores are closed and the cravings started about 5 pm. It’s now 9 pm and there not getting any better. I dont know what to do. Tried calling a friend there not answering probably not the best person to call anyways. Help!!tenor


I completely understand how you feel, I’m going through the same thing but mainly cause I’m angry.

Try to substitute the drink like with Coca Cola, sparkling water, coffee, or energy drinks like Red Bull.
Try to do push ups till your tired, go for a run. Or you can just talk to me and tell me how you feel and what brought you to your sobriety


I cant have sugar I know a lot of people use that. Push up or the punching bag down stairs might help. I to am angry today. Long busy day at work and ih am still pissed about something that happen a few weeks ago. The cravings only make me more angry. What brought me to sobriety? I am killing myself and if I keep going I might hurt someone else because I made a dumb decision. I have never been in a spot where I couldn’t walk away from something. I feel lime i am going crazy.


Sometimes I’ll cook something a little complicated that takes a bit of prep. Even if you don’t eat it right away. The whole process engages the mind, makes me focus and gives me something to be proud of.


I completely understand, my pdoc always told me that anger isn’t a emotion that it’s a choice of action. What makes are action into emotion is sadness or fear. If you maybe figure out what is making you sad or afraid you can figure out how to get through your anger which will hopefully calm down you cravings.

If that makes any sense.


He is causing my upset and he knows it as I am not one to hold back. An now its put me in a hard spot that causes me severe anxiety! So I am left with do I walk or do I try. As I am not sure I can get past it. I am trying but since I have been single most my life and could only depend on myslef dealing with others is hard on me…


Dealing with any kind of relationships can be hard on sobriety. Are you in any can of programs for your sobriety?


No I am not. I work a lot and being around a lot of people I dont know is really hard on me. He was drinking every day until we had a blow up on Christmas day. An that is what I cant let go of. I begged him not to do it an he lost it in front if eveyone. He spent that last several weeks on the couch an could touch me as I wouldnt let him. Now I have to chose to forgive him or not but its eating at me. He hasnt drank around me since the blow out. But it shouldnt take something like that to help instead of encouraging the drinking like he was.


Sometimes i have to remind myself how sick I was when I quit and that I’d never want to go though that again … Also why did you quit to start with it must have effected you in some way that you wanted to quit …I know you got this and you can get through this … maybe have a hot bath and call it a day … YOUR STRONG :wink::sunglasses::wink::smile::smiley:


Hope your feeling better today. Sobriety can be tough especially when your partner is still using. I hope you found some peace and can work out what is best for your sobriety. We are here if you need us.


I’m a BIG believer in the long hot bath. It feels good and it gets me away from the beverages for a little while. It’s not a great answer, but it just fills up another hour or so.


I have been feeling the same lately, angry, just rude to people I love for no reason. It’s a struggle but my best therapy is to put in my headphones & walk it off.