Failed after 1.5 days....😧

Ok so 9:30pm tonight would’ve been 2 days! But I failed & had 2 wines at dinner tonight. Got home & fought the urge to crack a bottle open, currently drinking tea. I won’t be to hard on myself because this is my first attempt at sobriety. Tomorrow is a new day. I will make it to day 3 this time!


Hey Linda, I am sorry to hear that. Just a maybe stupid question: why did you have this bottle in the house? When I got sober I cleaned my house of all the booze so that when I should be craving I have to go to buy it which gives me time to think and breathe. Some weeks after I removed all the fancy wine glasses from my apartment to the cellar. Later gave them away. My apartment is booze free now.


Good attitude!! you can do it tomorrow’s a new day!!

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Avoid social occasions for a while?

I have yet to get rid of our wine collection. I was hoping to just be strong enough to avoid it.

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Go Linda! Nothing changes if nothing changes :two_hearts: well done for getting right back at it and seeing where you lost your way… that knowledge is power in deed :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Yeah, you definitely should in the early stages. Not like a you have absolutely advice. Sorry. Some might be strong enough but I know far more who banned it in their home.
When I removed my glass collection I was also like hmmm, really? But it is like a back door leaned on. Okay, maybe it’s different as I live alone. But on the other side when I would have guests, either they drink out of other glasses or they stay sober for the visit. My home, my rules.

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