Failure again

Reset. Caved to a bottle of wine pasta and crying to my dogs because my ex partner has moved out. Worried about finances. Worried about telling my kids, they were so happy for me and like him. I’m so sad. But I’ve got to get over it and get on with it. No more drinking. Just focus on healing and finding myself and learning to love myself. Trust in the universe and the plan for me. Above all no more drinking. Heavy sigh…


These are hard times. I know you know there’s no help in the bottle - that’s why you’re here right? That’s why all of us are here, because we know where to start looking for freedom - but it’s hard, growth and change is hard.

But it is worth it.

You are here and that is better than not being here. You are reaching out and that is better than not reaching out.

Pour out whatever booze is left and head to bed and wake up tomorrow. Drink lots of water and get some fresh air in the morning. Get to a morning AA meeting if you can, or whoever you can first get to one (in person or online) and that’s it. Don’t think past that. That’s all. (Take things one micro step at a time. Don’t think too far ahead or too far back. Just stay focused, one small step at a time.)


Maybe try a meeting like Matt says .wish you well


If you stay strong, and keep up your strength you and the kids will be ok.
If they see you react and handle this situation in a positive way that will help them too.

If they see you fall apart they will fall apart with you.
You can do this. You have had your cry you had your drink now you have to get up and keep living the good life, show your children your ok and life is still good, because you can get through this together.

You deserve to be happy and so do your children.
I wish you the very best, try and do something together as a family, show each other you all have each other and there is still so much happiness in your family.

Keep reaching out here and definitely get to a meeting if you feel the urge today. :hugs::hugs:

This is the code for the online AA zoom meeting that’s 24hrs day and night.


Also stay on here for support, we care about you and your going through a difficult situation that can make you or break you and I hope you are ok.


Super. You’re honest , you forgive yourself and you’re going to try again. You know the actions yoυ мυѕт тaĸe тo gaιn and ĸeep yoυ’re recovery. arм yoυrѕelғ wιтн ĸnowledge oғ yoυr paѕт ғaιlυre and мove ғorward one ѕтep aт a тιмe.


How are things Lindy?

I know you’re feeling discouraged but don’t give up. You always have a choice. This very second, you have a choice. No one can take that from you.

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