Fake it till you make it

I relapsed.I relapsed a long time ago.I didn’t tell ANYBODY.I just decided to keep it a secret.I felt like I would disappoint the entire world,I think i was secretly concerned about disappointing M.Y.S.E.L.F…I don’t know,I just feel as though MY feelings are less relevant,I ALWAYS thinkto myself “People have bigger problems,get over yourself”.About an hour ago I sent everyone a message saying “I relapsed”


It is a pretty difficult path you are on. It seems other people know what you have to do. Now all you have to do is convince your mind that you need to quit. People are not disappointed for themselves about you relapsing, but for you Just remember that people care about your wellness.


I love this song. You may find it helpful too.


Yeah me too. At first I was even going to start posting on here again and not reset my counter and tell everyone I just needed a little help. But that would have been a lie and nobody knows me here anyways so I decided to be accountable and not be a liar! It’s hard so hard but it’s those little things that start building up over time to mean something!

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I commend your actions on telling everyone you relapsed, that takes guts after so long after. Be true to yourself and recovery is easier


Thank you,I’m definitely trying to learn of my wellness.Thank you

It’s almost as if this song was written FROM MY OWN BRAIN&HEART I swear.It makes me feel normal.Thanks for sharing

Agreed,they do build up.I definitely felt an enormous weight of my shoulders when I told people on Monday.

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