Fall In Love

When you get sober you can fall in love…

Fall in love with the beautiful sunrise that awaits you in a fresh clear head morning with bouncing colors glistening

Fall in love with the sounds of giggling babies and crashing seawater against soft comforting sand around your toes and be at peace with your heart

Fall in love with the night darkness surrounding you with nothing but the mellow glow of the moon while holding your sweet hot cocoa

Fall in love with the emotions that have been given to us to remember why we’re alive: weddings, funerals, graduations, greetings, goodbyes, tears of happiness, tears of sadness

Fall in love with the melody of soft music that makes you close your eyes and the fast music that makes you dance

Sobriety gives us so many opportunities to fall in love and be present :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: share what you’ve fallen in love with since sobriety :heart:


Fall in love with cheeseburgers.


Fall in love with soft music…not so much…
But Death Metal, yes please.

Thanks for sharing :wink:


I’ve fallen in love with the smell of fresh cut lumber, the feel and weight of a still wet board.

I’ve fallen in love with the constant questions about availability for help, or random questions and idea bouncing sessions.

I’ve fallen in love with the sound of a basketball swishing through a net again.


I’ve fallen in love with the quiet calm I have, where once there was anxiety….the anxiety that was there whilst drinking and for at least the first six months of sobriety hummed away like buzzing electric. Always there. Then one day……I noticed it GONE! I came on here to let everyone know that it had just gone. It was a pivotal moment for me. I love the quiet calm. Life is not all rainbows and unicorns and can still be rough sometimes but regardless of how rough, that quiet calm is always there. Love this thread Rebecca :pray:t2::two_hearts:


Today, I’ve fallen in love with this topic. Thank you, Becky!

Sobriety has allowed me to fall in love with family time. I can’t count how many promises I broke with my daughter during active addiction. Now I make plans with her and stick to it. We have so much fun together these days.

I’ve fallen in love with Monday mornings. That may sound crazy to most but I actually look forward to starting the work week with a clear sober mind.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that for now.


I fell in love with me :heart:


This isn’t just for single folk, even in an intimate relationship, having appropriate love for oneself, recognizing the Divine in ourselves and our partners, is crucial to peace of mind, to serenity.


Well I know. It’s just such a funny meme to me I just had to :rofl:


Those look so good, I want to fall in love with one right now! Lol

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Ioh Tomi I should have known :grin:

That was no proverbial switch! That was a literal one! :heart: so so wonderful :heart_eyes:

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What inspired me to start this thread Lisa was a woman who shared about holding her relatives hand while she passed and how she assured her dying loved one of promises. It was a sad moment but at the same time personally beautiful because she was sober and not drinking in her sorrows. She could be totally present at a pivotal moment in life. How easily it could have been missed being under the influence. Your loves remind me of the same :hugs:


Me too Joe! I’m beginning to love myself more and more each day!!! And the power I’ve developed for being in control!!! Love it !!! I think this is why they say to not be in a relationship for a year. I didn’t truly understand why at first but now I get it.


Funny how those things were so missed before! Sobriety sometimes is just the tool to experience and appreciate all of those wonderful senses :heart:

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Well said Dan. You cannot truly be any good to another unless your are good with yourself :heart:

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