Family is my trigger

At 93 days and next week I will be surrounded by my family for the holidays. My family is my trigger. I’ve never been sober around them and I’m not sure how to handle an entire week with them.

On top of this I will have to tell my family that I have no plans on returning in a few weeks for my fathers surprise party. He and I don’t have a relationship and he recently broke a deal we had and never even gave me a call to explain why. I just prefer to distance myself from him entirely, although my family doesn’t see this side and I will surely be attacked for not joining.

So much fun ahead, I just want to stay sober and keep making gains in my life.

Excommunicate the family!

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If u feeling that bad about seeing family and it could harm your recovery do u really have to go ? X

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Family can be the worst they too are my triggers for some reason they like to ask for money n if I say no they assume I am using again but never ask how’s my sobriety going I am proud to say that I am 185 days sober n yes I work alot but I had dug myself in a hole for 4 years of my life n I am working on fixing it n starting over in a new town keep ur head up cause I too am dreading the holidays