Favorite guided Meditations

FAVORITE meditations …not all meditations, only the favorites…ones we find ourselves doing over and over again.

Please post any of your favorites here too! Love a good guided meditation. :hugs:

Many of these could be played when doing mindless tasks like dishes and laundry as well…if meditation simply is not your thing you can still benefit :hugs:


Listen to this every single day…it is an amazing 5 minute break meditation


This meditation helps me have good days, really really good days. I challenge everyone to TRY and have a bad day after listening to this :hugs:


Pain management meditation 10 minutes

Even just listening to this, when in acute pain, helps me tremendously…but remembering it and meditating on it in moments of subtle chronic pain, AMAZING!


I wish I could share mine but it comes from an app not YouTube.

Actually it isn’t so much a “meditation” as it is a relaxation exercise. It is called Autogenic Training. It allows you to use thoughts to create physical relaxation of the body. Actually my old psychologist (about 30 years ago) titles this exercise “using the mind to relax the body”.

Here is the app and the specific meditation within.


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Which app @VSue ?

They do not have to be youtube…one of my favorite apps is

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I listen to this a few nights a week. I have severe anxiety which leads to bad insomnia, so I listen to a 45 min or an hour guided meditation every night in order to fall asleep

I listen to various ones by the lady who did this one, her voice is 1 of few that can put me to sleep without medication


Just tried this one from YouTube and it was AMAZING! Thank you for sharing that! Kind of like a body scan, made me all cozy and tingly :smile: so very relaxing! Will definitely do it again!


Will check this one out next time I’m searching for a sleep meditation, thank you!..its the worst to be searching for one when trying to sleep and I dont have any favorites except the talk downs by honest guys are all pretty great :slight_smile: they are usually visualization meditations


The app was called Autogenic Training…but there were two. The one with the blond woman is the one with the specific meditation that I like. It’s short but really makes you feel good.

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I will certainly try the honest guys out later when I take my nap, I’m just waiting on a call back from an Employer regarding a Recruiting gig that ive been diligently shooting for!

I typically prefer a woman’s voice, but I also like trying new things so I’m eager to see how these go. I’m also trying to lucid dream, and last night for the first time I was able to tell myself mid dream that I was indeed dreaming, I woke up basically right after, at least it felt like I did. I’ve been practicing this for about a month and a half now and I’m just now starting to have much more memorable and vivid dreams. I’m going to dip into horror this week and see how my brain and mind react to those, ive always been able to predict or preface my dreams before I fall asleep, so I can pretty much dream about whatever I want which can be cool and scary


This guy is really good :+1:


I really like Michael Sealy too! :hugs:


Oh yea hes a legend in the YouTube meditation world, probably the real world too haha

I just have a hard time keeping focus listening to a mans voice, and I find it easier to listen to a woman

How about you as a woman, do y’all prefer a mans voice? Is there a preference? Ive always wondered this honestly

I was going to do an astral projection/scary one tonight but I may give this one a try!

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I do not mind either, mans or womans voice…but there are definitely some voices I turn off immediately and some that I REALLY enjoy :smile:

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Great relaxing morning meditation

Doing this now!

Though technically it’s no longer morning for me haha

i fell asleep listening to this before it even ended

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Good nighttime meditation for you :smile:

It is a very relaxing one for sure

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Fun visualization meditation

How did that go? So far I haven’t found one that I could “connect” to for that but admittedly I’ve only tried a handful.

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