Favorite holiday dessert


Love that!

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Do any of your colleagues try to get you to do their jobs for them?


Pumpkin :pie: We double the spices recommend on any recipe. Does wonders.

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First batch of mince pies made! I used stem ginger syrup in the end and put glace cherries in the mincemeat.

@DresdenLaPage I used normal recipe for the pastry and it is SO SWEET. Too much for me as I’ve been off the sugar. I am going to make myself a separate batch with almond flour instead of plain flour and no sugar. The mincemeat I’ve made is sweet enough.

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Shoefly pie… It’s a Amish / Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy. 5db1aa349e2935b810c1ba74a6f770c2


Im salivating lookong at them! Is too sweet because of the syrup glaze or because of the pastry?

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My OH ate 10 yesterday so I think that means they’re good :joy:

I think it’s having both together that’s too much. I was thinking changing the pastry would be the easiest but if there’s anything I could add to the mincemeat to take the edge off that could be worth a look too.


Acidity balances sweetness - And mincemeat pairs well with fresh orange juice. :slight_smile: Ill write a reply later on for your pastry but my wrists killing me so…!


Hot cross buns :rabbit:

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