Favorite song?


I know it’s pretty old but I recently stumbled cross little wonders by Rob Thomas, don’t know why that song speaks volumes to me about realizing I needed to stop the way I was living, I listen to this song every day now, oh and I’m 2 weeks clean today, couldn’t be more proud of myself


There’s this song by steam powered giraffe called honeybee. It’s sad but in a beautiful way. I highly recommend it!


I love so many types of music. Brandi Carlisle “The Eye” is one I play on repeat sometimes. If I need a little boost of inspiration and motivation “Riser” by Dierks Bentley always reminds me of the strength I have. We are risers. :heart:


Love little wonders! Always been a favorite, it just has a good vibe and brings me back down to Earth lol. Personal favorites, literally anything by Fall Out Boy (ultimate binge artist for me always until I’m 99) and Black sheep from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world


I got the world on a string…by Sinatra.


Also, I absolutely recommend the group The Front Bottoms to anyone who likes good music ( lol yes I went there)


Sweet Inspiration by Derek Trucks Band. Been my ringtone for years. Love him, love Tedeschi Trucks. Just got Red Rocks tickets for July!


I saw them live ;p


Really??? That’s amazing!!! I love that song it reminds me of my mom.


Wish you were here by Pink Floyd is my all time ever favourite. I love lots of music though!


I’ll have to re-listen to it when I have the chance :slight_smile:
Ya I saw them at a steam punk festival, go figure haha.


My favorite song of all time.


I just was watching a drum cover of aenima yesterday, that’s a leg workout in itself xp pretty sure a perfect circle is coming out with an album “this year” xp


:blush: That would be nice. I am still trying to like the new Puscifer stuff. Sometimes it takes a while to grow on me. It’s like, I want Money Shot to give me a money shot but it just doesn’t yet and it’s been out a while now. Sometimes my age just shows and I can’t accept new awesome. Even though I’m sure it is awesome. :sparkling_heart: Conditions of my Parole.


Ahaha xp I never listened to much pucifer to be honest. I’ll have to give them another try :slight_smile:


The Dan Band!


I don’t know why guys I mean call me crazy or something but for some reason it always brings me back to my addiction, and I feel so much shame and heartache for the things I’ve done while in addiction, I pretty much hate myself, but I guess that’s apart of recovery ya know… realizing your not the same person that the disease makes you, just wish everyone else understood that


I’m an old-school Rock and Roller. Judas Priest, Sabbath, Scorpions, and of course, Led Zepplin. I still consider anything by AC/DC from Back in Black on…“new”.

But I have gained an appreciation for other music over the years. Love Delta Blues, and I am really into the crooners from back in the day. Sinatra. Tony Bennett. Love that stuff.

And my guiltiest music pleasures of all? Vanilla Ice and Hadaway…both grossly underrated, IMHO.

Yeah I know…eclectic tastes, but sad.


Oh, man. Fully love When the Levee Breaks and this live version of Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You that is so old they all look like babies in the footage.

Guilty musical pleasure? I like Shakira and Matchbox 20. Don’t tell.


We’re planning to go see Judas Priest & Iron Maiden next year. There’s a rock festival in Bulgaria called Hills of Rock.