Favorite song?


Saw them live not to long ago. Halls of Valhalla…Wow! Rob Halford…Dude may have aged, but the voice is STRONG!


I once fell down the stairs while holding my daughter’s guitar…wrote a Nickleback song…

I kid. I kid.


Man, Nickelback sucks in ways I can’t articulate.


And Linkin Park.


This song always makes me laugh:


My daughter loves it!


Omg, when round one of the kiddos were little in Durham, there was a theatre that would do free showings of old movies early Saturday mornings. The day I was in a room full of kids who had already seen Madagascar and knew that song was coming might have been one of the best moments of my life. You could feel the anticipation energy building and then they all finally jumped up and started dancing and screaming. It was the best.


Your daughter has an excellent sense of style. My compliments.


I love Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Sadly, she died not long ago.

Jill Scott: “Shame”. Love that song!
Etta James: "A Sunday Kind of Love."
Metallica: "Enter Sandman."
Bach’s Cello Suites.

It all depends on my mood of the day (or moment…)


You should see when it comes on in my house…well, maybe not. I’m the only one dancing.


Oh my. I bet it is like when the farmer is dancing for the sick pig in Babe.


Etta James…another favorite Crooner of mine. At Last…man that’s a song.


Like Frankenstein…minus the bolts in my neck.


and this one


Otis Reddings Dock of the bay :heart:


God, I havent heard this in years… Loved Electricians day :joy:




Haven’t listen to social distortion in a long time, great tune.


I love that song!!