Feel like drinking

After a long day all I want is a smoke and booze. I just want to go home and unwind. I need to stay focused. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


You’ve said it yourself! Stay focused!
Any way you can.
Clean house
Go for a walk
Clean the kitchen cabinets
Have a bath.
For the first 6 weeks, I had a bath every night.
All I did was work bath sleep pretty much. It kept me away from any temptation to drink.
It’s not easy to fight the urges, the habit whatever you want to call it. But fight you must.
I’ve stood arguing in my head, fighting with my thoughts to stop myself.
It does get easier, given time. Just keep fighting.
If you really want to stop you will do anything.


Stuff i do when i feel like that:
Go to a meeting
Reach out to other alcoholics
Read this board
Take a hot shower and brush my teeth
Eat something delicious and/or sweet
Drink lots of water or tea
Do exercise - run, walk, push ups, punching bag, gym, yoga video
Clean - car, closets, whatever


Finding some other way to “unwind” is paramount. I chose martial arts. Where I used close the computer at 5:30 and immediately pour my first (of many) drink, I now suit up, and hit a Krav Maga or Muay Thai class. If there isn’t a class, I head to the Brojo, my garage fight gym, and go a few rounds on the heavy bag.

Find your something else, and pursue it with all of the vigor and enthusiasm that you can muster, because every day clean and sober, is a day of true freedom.


I unwind every single day… only now I do it with a puppy, cup of tea, this app & Little House on the Prairie :joy: I don’t stop unwinding daily. I just changed how.


Thanks guys. Well I decided to treat myself out to dinner. If im full it instantly kills the cravings. I ordered three shrimp tacos, beans and rice, large sprite and ate an entire bowl of chips lol Im on a diet but something had to give, either eat whatever I want an blow my diet today or drink? Just paid my bill now cant wait to get home to my couch.


In my first 4 months i ate absolutely whatever i wanted. Well done!!


Learn yourself different ways to unwind, it takes time. For me eating sweet stuff like chocolate helps.

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I understand. For me drinking is always to “unwind” … To ease my anxiety…but the strange thing is I’m on day 8 and my anxiety levels are minimal !! I wasn’t unwinding with drink I was just numbing my anxiety till I woke up and it bit me back much harder. Well done on resisting. As for food , I hadn’t much of an appetite when drinking but this past 3-4 days I can’t fill myself ! And I don’t care. It’s much better than the alternative. I can taste and appreciate food now. Keep pushing forward. Well done and good luck :slight_smile:

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For me getting sober was falling back in love with drawing and gaming, and drawing the worlds from the games. If you have a hobby that you love that was neglected because of your addictions then throw yourself into it, doesn’t have to be art or gaming. Could be walking music cooking or anything that feeds your creativity and whatever you do don’t give up

Another thing I was told was to do puzzles as it distracts the mind from aniexty and stress, so I brought a wordsearch book and every night I do at least one, again whatever tickles you pickle so worth a shot if it keeps you clean

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Don’t give in … I’ve never woken up the next day wishing i had but I’ve woken up many times wishing i hadn’t! I’m back on day 4 after relapsing 2 years ago after 4.5 years sober. Trust me clean and sober is so much better. Good luck.