Feel so run down

Since I stopped the cocaine 3 weeks ago … I’ve had a flu ever since :sneezing_face:

I just can’t wait till my system is on top form.

I’m trying to drink at least one smoothie a day and keep on top of drinking water. But I feel like crap health wise!.. hopefully this feeling will pass soon.


Your body is regulating and sorting out its chemical imbalance

Are you taking vitamins and supplements? I’d recommend a strong B vitamin / Vitamin C + Zinc

As well as getting plenty of fresh air, exercise and drink loads of water


No I’m rubbish at tablets… but that’s what my body I never take any vitamins at all not in tablet form.

But I will start… I’m going to source a pill box… it may help you know the weekly ones :grin:

And thanks for the reply x

I was terrible at taking vitamins until I got a pill box. Now it’s easier to remember, because I just toss the box in my bag or leave it on the kitchen counter, and I rarely forget to take my vitamins. I got mine from Port+Polish. It’s small and pink and has a mirror on the inside of the lid. :sparkling_heart:

Edit: I take B12, C, and D3 everyday.

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Vitamin D is good for your immune system.


Sounds like a cute box and yes I think it will help the pill box idea

And thanks for advice hopefully it will perk me up xx

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I will try some thank you xx

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