Feelin iffy

Im not picking up but my mind can be strong huh?

The craving has been going on for about 20min.

Away I know what i can do
Lets look at a pic shall we

This is me after a week of vodca 12 days ago

Not too fun to look at for me
Not too fun to look at for anyone
Not too fun to be
Eeh i guess I was feeling iffy then too

Thank you to my higher power for keeping me together today

Stay strong everyone
I’m with ya


Lol damn I’m ugly :laughing:

your doing great mate, don’t put yourself under any pressure bc right now how you feel is not important it’s what you do that matters. You want to be sober and you are sober so well done. Just for today that’s enough :+1:


Aaah thank you

I’m going for a walk around the park

I’ll make sure I dont forget the bag to put over my head lmao :laughing:

I’m just playin



24 hour marathon zoom meeting, don’t talk just listen.


I’ll do that right now :slight_smile:


Oh wow that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard

Thank you


Your not ugly buddy just not as handsome as me ,lol doing great wish you well


100% agreed
You are a stud muffin

Ughghg this has been the toughest day for me so far. I feel so out of it

Hopefully tomorrow is better


Yet you’re still standing. I’m fucking proud of you. You have been a beast the last few days. You are giving addiction the finger like a boss. I believe in you


You are just the person I needed to hear from
And your words helped much more then you know I think

Thank you my friend

Stay strong
I’m here with ya


It’s hard when you think you have done so well and think I will be fine with a couple tonight but that night turns into a few weeks of nightly drinks.
Keep going and give me all your tips


Just keeping it in the moment

Lots of water

Lots of reading on TS

Visiting the 24hour zoom

And naps

I think I’m going to nap right now :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear my words matter so much to you my friend :smiley:. And not a single one of them was lied. I meant it all :wink:


Day 12 and onward

Goodnight everyone


Why was today so tough? Can you put your finger on why?
I have done an online-meeting crawl (instead of a pub crawl) when I was feeling very triggered. Sometimes you just got to wait it out.
And you are a decent looking guy, especially in the sober picture with kind eyes.

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Lol :laughing: decent looking is the second nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

Hmm what triggers the cravings yesterday ?

I think my picking up is very habbitual.

It’s also my essay way out of stress
I’m helping a friend out with a place to stay and sometimes I get stressed

Then there is getting up too early which is a weird trigger. Maybe because it’s all the extra time in the day or I’m finding myself looking for a burst of energy or it’s boredom because I’m all alone and being all alone is also a excuse to sneak. Yesterday I woke up at 03:30am
This excuse of waking up early sounds weak but it’s real for me and I’ve picked up be4 about 5 different times because of this

Annnd like the big question I was thinking yesterday
If I DON’T pick up will the next day be just as rough?
I have found for myself the answer is no. Today is not as rough
I feel much better and am totally pumped I made it

Thank you for having me do some inventory on my characteristic today @Misokatsu
This is completely what I needed to write today esspecally thismorning. As time is ticking by I’m just getting more and more happy I didn’t pick up

Thank you!!!

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