Feeling down...fell off the wagon

Well i was going strong for 18 days and this past weekend there was a get together with friends and i got drunk. Disappointed in myself because now my anxiety is through the roof, and i spend so much money when i drink. The temporary relief doesnt last thats for sure… and i have a couple trips coming up i dont know how im going to stay strong when on vacation my friends will want to drink. Well wish me luck all… have hit the resent button done to 0 days time to start over :frowning:


Sorry to hear this, but glad you’re back home. Maybe try to change your perspective for vacation. Your anxiety is through the roof and you spent a ton of money for what? To fit in? You already spent money on vacation do you want to spend vacay miserable with awful anxiety and ruin it? You deserve to enjoy your vacation with no anxiety, no misery and not feeling sick. Maybe these thoughts can replace your temptation to drink while you’re there- worth a try at least. Hang in there!


Wow i never thought about it like that thank you i will have that mindset moving forward. Thank you for the advice


Thank you for the words of encouragement, you are definitely right. I will do my best thank you again!


Just remember to break it down: “I only have to say “no” to one drink…the first drink” If you say “no” to the first drink, there can’t be a relapse.