Feeling down today

7 days clean as of today and i just feel down and out of it still not so much sick anymore besides cold chills little runny nose is it normal too feel really anxious and depressed and its not even like im thinking of going to get high i just keep thinking about taking suboxone so im not sick i went cold turkey tgis time because in my past when i tried to take suboxone just to get through withdrawals i ended up taking suboxone for months straight i have a long journey ahead of me and i need help


Hey Nick -

The way you are feeling is totally normal. I cried nonstop for my first week and often after that. I just felt really emotionally fragile and all over the place. Irritable, depressed, exhausted…all of it. Your brain chemistry is going through crazy huge adjustments. Those neurotransmitters don’t know what to do without processing the drugs/alcohol they are so used to. It takes a while for all that to level out - but it does, eventually. You just gotta push through.

I’m going to tag a couple of guys who might be able to talk with you about going cold turkey versus suboxone and the least painful ways to do it. @Donnie_Spiering. @Neighbrofthebeast668. @Englishd. Y’all have any words of wisdom?

My advice? Get a good multivitamin. Or some Emergen-C. Rest as much as you can. Hydrate often. Find stuff to binge watch. When you feel a little better, hang out with sober friends if you have any. Remember to eat if you can keep food down. Rest some more.

It gets better, man. It really does.


Just a quick screenshot of withdrawal symptoms that I have been using to help understand how I feel and know I’m completely normal going through this, thankfully for me after my assessment I’m on psychologically dependant


Hey Nick, I know exactly where ur coming from man, I went cold turkey this time as well and what ur goin through is completely normal, in fact if ur a week in and you dont feel sick as in the flu like symptoms I’d say you’re making really good progress dude, it took me about 2 weeks to get to the point I didnt feel full on sick anymore but that tired feeling is gonna stick with you a bit longer, as will the runny nose. Lol, I think it took me about 4 months to quit sneezing constantly…as for the anxiety and depression those are gonna stick with you a bit longer as well, I think it was @Donnie_Spiering that told me it took him about 6 months or so to feel something like normal and become motivated about life again and from what I’m seeing that’s pretty much spot on for me. Now that’s not to say you have 6 months of living in the dumps ahead of you, a lot of really good things happen to us as we learn to live and feel again and I think for me going through that learning curve, realizing how much time I’d lost to the pills/dope, and learning to accept the fact that I couldnt just pop an oxycontin or grab a needle to make my problems go away or get an energy boost to get through a long day at work is what caused the depression.
The best thing you can do for the physical side of it is start exercising…doesnt hafta be really strenuous, ur not looking to run a half marathon in 6 months or anything, just go for walks. Itll do more for u than you realize, paired with a diet change and that multivitamin @MoCatt mentioned I feel way better now than I did when I was taking pain pills every day.
As for the mental side, i cant recommend a support group highly enough, some people use forums like this and get by, some use na and aa, some use SMART recovery, and so on…myself, I’m on here daily and i hit aa and na meetings as often as i can. Making like minded friends that understand what were going through and can offer advice or just listen when we need to vent will help a lot with the depression and anxiety and i know i wouldnt be anywhere near where i am today without them, I’d still be the reclusive junkie I was and with only the dope talking to me telling me I needed it to get by I’m fairly certain I would have relapsed and gone back to using by now.


A big thing for me was i had to push and motivate myself the first few months. I got up and got ready everyday even if i had nothing to do. Just doing that made me wanna accomplish something that day. I Made a routine. When ever id just lay around i felt blahhh all day. If you can deal with the wd u have right now then you can make it thru the storm. I issolated myself for the first month. Everything your going through is normal… Everything @MoCatt and @Neighbrofthebeast668 are saying is spot on…


Thanks everyone i appreciate it dont get me wrong things are getting better im juat so down and anxious at the same time last time i wuit with subs and then quit the subs so this withdrawal compared to then is different im gonna do that tho wake up everyday and get ready even if im not working or busy that day i think that will help me stay focused happy labor day weekend too everyone thanks again