Feeling drained all over

Lately I’ve been feeling drained. Working 5 days a week, being a single mother 24/7, and trying to maintain my sobriety daily. I know I’m not alone. I have my sponsor, other AA members, this app and my parents. Yet I still feel alone. I don’t know but I just wish for a day or two I could not be anything. Not a mother, not an employee and not someone in recovery. Just thinking about not being anything to anyone makes me feel guilty. I feel like my daughter would be lost and hurt without me there. My job could survive without me for a few days but I know they would struggle being short staffed. In recovery my story could inspire someone else to keep going but if I dont go they will not get the chance to hear it. I know I have to take it one day at a time or even less then that as needed. I know I will stay sober today. Just wish it didnt seem like so much work in all parts of my life all the time. Even though it feels like a tough day already I will put a smile on face and look for any and all small good things today brings. If you read this please send positive vibes my way. I’d greatly appreciate it.


Here they come!

Ps…maybe take a day off and let your parents watch the kids? So you can have some “me” time?


I was going to say the same thing as @SoberWalker.
I understand it’s not always possible but something that worked for me was to just take a day for me.
You don’t say how old your children are. Are they at school, perhaps your parents could have them. Book yourself into a spa or if you can’t afford that do it at home. Nice bath, relax and just be you.
I see people on here who are constantly work work work, whether it be a job or kids or recovery and I feel, sometimes, that we don’t give ourselves a chance to just say no. Stop. I want to be me.
I realise everyone’s different, but think about it.


Sending lots of positive juju your way. Being a parent is a lot of work. Are your parents nearby? Can you get a few hours to yourself for some you time? Take a nap, take a warm bath, just rest and recharge.



Met i guy last week at a meeting he sleeps in the street lost his wife and kids his family disowned him he cant get a job but he goes to meetings and is trying to sort his life out and i thought to myself aint i a lucky guy to have what he hasnt wish you well


At least you got a job! Always look at the positive side if you can. I sure don’t have a job!

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Thank you everyone! My daughter is 9 so I do get a few hours where she’s at school and I’m not at work yet. Those are the times I try to hit meetings. And I actually live with my parents again since starting my recovery journey. They help alot with her as watching her while I’m at work in the evenings and for me to attend AA events on weekends occasionally. They also work full time so I feel bad for asking them to watch her more then that. I always try to stay positive and see the brightside of things. Some days are just harder then others.


Much strength in your recovery. Did you consider doing therapy?

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Some days are definitely harder than others. Be gentle with yourself and proud of your hard work.

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One thing I would wholeheartedly suggest is a 24 hour retreat. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Just get away to somewhere secluded for at least 24 hours. If you google cabins for rent or retreat centres in your area you’ll find something very affordable.

Bring a journal and a book and some healthy and easy food. No electronics. You’d be surprised how invigorating it can be! You’ll have some time away from your routine and be granted clarity on anything you’re thinking about.


Love the idea of a 24 hour retreat! Great suggestion!

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Everyone deserves a mental health day from time to time. Nothing to feel guilty about