Feeling happy - day 57

Spent what could of been difficult weekend doing positive things for other people and I feel so good - I was always the flaky one or the let down no show out of my friends. Yesterday I completed a 10km charity run then prepared a full Christmas dinner for a friend who has to work on Christmas Day. So nice to do it all sober and not hungover - not being selfish feels so good. Drinking gives me short lived “happiness” - staying sober is long term happiness


It’s really wonderful to find joy in other things than drinking. The amount of time that is given back to you and to your body as well helps tremendously. Good for you for cooking a meal that one was not able to do! That mentality is exactly what people should be maintained. Keep up the great work and keep finding happiness!


I’m 57 days sober too and it feels great


Well done!! Keep going and keep looking forward

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Congratulations!! Seriously!!! I got 56 today. I couldn’t get 1 hour 2 months ago and I was homeless. Now I’m in a transitional house in Southern California. Bizarre! I would’ve never imagined this would be my life today. God is good!