Feeling like drinking


Iv been having this intense upper/middle back pain after working a few hours the last few weeks and I have gone to the doctor 3 times and they just keep telling me it’s due to my muscles being tight. They took an xray and said I have a slight curvature in my spine but it’s nothing that would cause me discomfort… now it’s got me thinking that my back pain is part of some underlying disease… I havnt been sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours at a time and I have hardly eaten the past week… they prescribed me muscle relaxers but those only make me even more anxious. On top of that my girlfriend says she has a painful lump in her armpit and my other friend is back in the hospital. I feel like the only way I can relax would be to drink. I’m gonna be honest I just bought a four loko and opened it but havnt drank any if it. I just keep staring at it like a crazy person. I’m feeling like I made the wrong choice in work, why cant I handle these 18 hour days like every other kid my age? I’m going to make an appointment now with a different doctor to get a second opinion on my back. Iv been wishing I could just drink like other guys my age to take the edge off but I also dont want to end up in detox again… my family would literally disown me. Feeling like I need an escape right now


I’m glad you checked in here rather than drinking. No one is meant to work 18 hour days. They suck for everyone. Have you tried a chiropractor?


No I have not. Iv gotten a few massages but that hasnt done shit


Maybe if I give you a massage :wink:.

Seriously though. I know shits rough right now, but think about how far you’ve come. Drinking will take you back to a place you don’t want to be. I’d imagine this would all be harder to deal with if you were drinking.


Oh honey, I just want to hug you!!! You have had SO much thrown at you. Those hours would be hard on anyone!!

I have upper back pain, bad bad bad. I carry all my stress there. When I don’t sleep well, it’s even worse because those muscles don’t let go and ever really rest. My lower back is often bad too.

Dump that beer out love. You don’t want it. You know it won’t help.

Have you tried writing? I get a ton of my stress out that way. Meditation is another way I was thay pain. I do self massage on my back and neck as well, it helps. Not as much as someone else massaging it could so ask around for volunteers there. But I promise no answer lies in that bottle. Hugs!!!


Chiro is a great suggestion. I do that when massages don’t help and it helps


Hey man. Sorry for all the bullshit you’re going through. I don’t have much to say rather than hang in there and try to do something to make your mind wander… this to shall pass brother.


You’re a strong guy Steve. You’ve been inspiring me since I arrived.

4loko will do exactly what you think it will, make you go loco. Make your cravings go loco.

18 hour days are far too much. 2-3 hours sleep is not nearly enough. The chiro suggestion was a great start. Getting better sleep should give you immediate results too.

Pour that shit out.


Stop & think it through all the way through to tomorrow. Drinking won’t help a single event your facing. Not one.

Spinal curves can be adjusted with a back brace and are common. Wearing a brace for support at work may help alleviate tension builtbup in muscles. Your Dr. can advise you best after evaluation. The chance of it being part of an underlying disease is minimal at best.

Loss of appetite & lack of sleep sound like anxiety levels are rising to me…an understandably so.

I can tell you from a clinical standpoint any lump should obviously be investigated. I can also tell you that most cancers don’t hurt. I can also tell you that the majority of biopsies we do, do not result in cancer. We all have the potential to have it in our bodies right now… No need to go down any road mentally before you have to.

You can handle this. The scenarios in your mind aren’t necessarily going to come true. Breathe. Pray (if you’re so inclined), cry, scream, let it out… but do not drink.

Get active! Make a list of what needs to be done, what you can do & start knocking things off…this will give you an outlet for your energy and some semblance of control over the events happening.

A second back opinion is a good idea, So is a chiropractor.

So much love & hugs from me to you! :hugs:

P.S. Dump it out


Welcome to aging, stress, and life-in-general.

Stress can cause a great deal of pain; head, neck, and shoulder pain. Before I started taking martial arts, I had a knot in between my shoulders at the end of day.

I would suggest tumeric, which is a spice. I take it for muscle and joint pain, and I get banged around a lot, as well as ask a lot from these 52 year old muscles. I credit tumeric, ice, glocosamine, Chondriton, and fish-oil, with keeping me in the fight, martial arts for keeping the stress levels down, prayer and meditation for keeping it all together.

Don’t drink. Go get a deep tissue massage, and get some exercise and good quality rest to deal with the stress.


Not worth it, it will ultimately make you feel worse and you know that… which is why you checked in!! It’s ok to have a crappy day/ week/ month even year. You’re allowed and will be stronger for it.

Maybe give yourself a few hours to be human and feel bad. It’s uncomfortable but sometimes that’s all it takes.


Hi Steve. I am sorry you are dealing with so much. I have upper back pain and accumulate all my stress there, I have bought a jagged foam roller (different than the normal ones that have flat surface) and every day when I wake up and at night I stretch my back and neck there, that really helped to relax the muscles. The other thing my yoga instructor suggested is to place a tennis ball on the muscles between the shoulder blade while lying down and take few deep breaths, that really helped me as well. At night I suggest guided meditation you can find great ones on you tube just choose a voice that you like. You should sleep at least 7 hours a day, it is crucial for your wellbeing. 18 hours work days are insane and inhuman, no one can work those hours without costing their quality of life. Don’t drink, it won’t improve anything, it will make everything worse. Stay strong!


If you don’t want to dump it, at least put it in the fridge and sleep on it. See if you still have the urge tomorrow.


great that you popped in here and told us about what’s going on with you. it’s been mentioned and i agree - pour that shit out.

i’d encourage you to focus on the present and try and engage in something calming.

escape with a nice sober drive as i recall that’s something you used to enjoy doing. escape with some loud music. escape with a phone call to a friend. but don’t escape with that drink 'cause it’s hella hard to stop and you are well aware of that.

keep us posted friend. :slight_smile:


Where you at Steve? You dump that shit out yet?


Hey man, sorry you’re going through a rough patch. As everybody else has said 18 hour days are not normal. For anybody!!
I hope you dumped that can out. Its just a temporary escape and you know it wont actually help.
Look at your sober tat instead!


And that thing in your girls armpit is most likely something that happens to chicks. Something about shaving their armpits. I knew a girl that got it from sharing deodorant.


just also like to remind you those quad a and aa numbers you have would love to hear from you at a time like this. giving them a call can’t hurt. :slight_smile:


I don’t know that many people have been here long enough to know your story. I have. So I’ll remind you where that 4loko leads you… Back in the hospital and probaly dead. That’s where your alcoholism takes you.
I’m not being a dick here man. I just remember your story. And I remember where drinking takes you. Maybe you should remember that too.

Love you brother


@Steve92 are you OK? Let us know man, worried here.