Feeling like drinking


No man! Just fuck no! Come on brother, you mean so much to so many people. No matter what has happened at this point please let us know what’s going on.

Anyone got him on text or anything?


How’s it going @Steve92?


Just seeing this now and checking in @Steve92

How are you hanging in there? Everyone else seems to have given lots of options regardless g the physical pain and everything pure going through. I just wanted to let you know that there’s a lot of people on here who care about you and I for one am thinking about you right now. How are you doing now???


Last summer I developed intense neck pain-- I couldn’t move my neck at all, couldn’t sleep and was in misery. I left work and went to the emergency room , underwent a bunch of tests and was prescribed an assortment of muscle relaxers and pain meds that did not work (the muscle relaxers were horrible). The next day, still in agony, i went to my local ER and the doctor told me that it was stress. She told me to get a real massage and start doing neck exercises. It worked. It’s something that I need to be mindful about but when I feel the pain, I make sure to stretch and focus on relaxing and to schedule time off when I can.

Don’t drink. You know it won’t help. It will only add to your pain. Hope you’re ok.


Thinking of you! :hugs:


Can we get a day 613 check in over here, @Steve92? And maybe a nice heating pad for that neck. :hearts:


Probably the last suggestion a guy sitting in front of a 4loco wants to be told is to try yoga lol. But that and a second opinion are my suggestions. The tennis ball and a deep tissue massage would probably help too.


Hey @Steve92 -

I am so sorry that life is throwing all this at you right now. I know this to be true - you have been an inspiration to me since my first day sober - perhaps never more than right now, with you laying it all out there before you make a choice to drink. That tells me that, deep down, you know that drinking will only make it all worse.

I’ve had some mild curvature of the spine since I was a kid, and I’m happy to talk with you about how to deal with it when you are ready. Right now, maybe just tell us how you are? Thinking of you, friend…


This is true. Also swollen and sore armpits are really common. I wont say its nothing, because I’m not a doctor, but I will say the cause is likely harmless. My armpits get lumps and sore from hormone changes all the time.


@Steve92 are you doing ok this morning?? :hugs:


Thinking about you buddy. Hugs


Thinking about you this morning. How you doing today?


Well done for checking in here instead of taking that first sip!
Times might be difficult right now and a bit shitty but think how far youve come and all that you’ve achieved, don’t let anything allow you to slip, you are in control Steve! Focus on the reason you became sober in the first place! You wouldn’t want to throw that all away.
As for the back pain I can only suggest seeing a chiropractor or getting prescribed medication to ease the pain.
All the best Steve!


@Steve92 @Steve92 @Steve92 check in with us man.


Hope you poured it out too! But if you didn’t, forgive yourself and get back to what keeps you sober :heart:


I hope you are OK. Sounds like you wanted a drink to help make the tough decision to take a day off and get some sleep. Just do that if you need to. You don’t need the drink.

Keep your goals in focus. Rooting for you!


Oh Steve. :pensive: I am sorry you are stressed buddy. I have muscle spasms that for years were misdiagnosed as degenerative disc disease. I now do a few stretches every day, and I’m fine.

I really hope you didn’t drink. You have been amazing around here. Even if you did slip, you don’t lose all of those sober days. You have been doing big things.


@Steve92 please don’t do it. Your a strong guy but your just feeling extra low because you’ve had no sleep. Nothing is as bad as it seems right now, youve got to remember that. I sometimes feel like that as well when I’m tired. I’m 26 but I can’t handle 18 hour days, I need at least 7 hours or I start to feel depressed. Maybe ask the doctor for something to help you sleep if nothing else is working. As for your girlfriend, it could be nothing. I had a lump in my armpit years ago that just turned out to be a swollen gland. Do yourself a favour and throw the loko out. Think where it got you last time. Praying for you, and always here if you need to talk.


@Steve92 what’s up man???


Thinking of you still @Steve92. Hope you’re ok!!! Come back to us soon, we are all worried about you.