Feeling like drinking


@steve92 we haven’t had the chance to speak because I haven’t been here for long, but I’d love to get to know you. I do hope you’re still ‘facing the light!!!’


Hi Steve. I hope everything is ok with you. You are in my prayers.


Hey @Steve92. I’m reading through this thread and seeing all the replies from all the people who really care about you. I don’t know you, but I want you to succeed. There’s people here from all across the world who want to see you live your best life. Alcoholism/addiction can only live in isolation. When they are brought out into the light and showered in love, they cannot survive. You’ve got a ton of people who love you here, no matter what happens.
I really hope that you’re just too busy to reply, and that you poured that drink out. But if you didn’t, everyone here understands it, and has done it before.
I wish you the best.


Hey everyone. I’m here, I drank from 10pm Monday night until Tuesday night. Feeling like hell today. I went to the ER yesterday because I was having chest pains and my arms went numb but everything checked out ot must have been an anxiety attack. Taking it easy the next few days. Worried about seizures and having a bad withdrawal but I just gotta tough it out these next 3 days and I will be back on my feet. So today is officially day 2. Trying to just get over the fact that I actually drank I never thought I would hit the reset button especially after a year and 8 months.


Love you Steve


I just finished messaging you, the exact moment you posted this. I am so glad to see you & hear from you. It’s ok. You’ll be ok. We love you! :heart:


Thank you everyone for reaching out. It’s really helped me these last few days/hours.


Man, I’m so glad to see you! Welcome back! We love you so much around here. I know you can get back up and continue to be awesome. One. Fucking. Day. At. A. Time.


Love you Brother. I’m glad you’re okay. Just know that you have helped countless people on here. Myself included. Even the hell of Monday and Tuesday will help people.


No one understands the pitfalls better than we do.

Glad you’re back bud.


Glad to see you here, take the time to recover from such great stress. You are in my prayers.


Every time I feel like drinking, I check into this group, and read the threads.
Take it one hour at at a time…


Oh Steve. :pensive: I’m sorry you ended up drinking. This can be a lesson for all of us, though. No matter how strong you feel in sobriety, or for how long you have been sober, we can still get sucked back in. I hope your hangover doesn’t last too long. It’s ok to fall as long as you get back up.


Oh man am I glad to see your back!:heart:️ I’ve been thinking about you since you stopped posting! Sending you all of my best energy from jersey​:pray:t2:


Glad you’re back Steve! And thank you for being so honest with your journey :pray:t2: the good news is you know exactly what do to do to get sober and stay that way long term. You can do this for sure :blush:


Delighted to see you back Steve, learn and move forward. We’re all here to help where we can. Stay strong my friend.


Hey @Steve92…just wanted to check in with you, see how you’re holding up and let you know I’m thinking about you.
Much Love,


Love ya brother. Glad to hear back from you


thanks for the check in. Im alright, still have some pain in my chest and feeling a bit dizzy today but iv just been laying down trying to relax, drinking a lot of water. I just had my first full meal in about a week. i wasnt eaten very much for the last week even before i drank because of my anxiety. A lot of my anxiety was towards this blood test i was getting Wednesday morning… but the results came back just fine. Feeling like i could kick myself for not just sticking it out until then.


Hey! Ahh…the hells we make up in our heads usually outweigh anything we actually end up dealing with in life right?? Well, I’m glad you’re resting! And I’m glad you’re here. Keep fighting the good fight❤️
Much Love,