Feeling lonely …

Well today, I physically feel better. (After the neck/back pain issues) But emotional roller coaster it is. I’m sad but I’m not sad. I’m proud and happy. I feel lonely. The kids left me today, tonight. So that’s why. Just ugh has me all in my thoughts. I definitely considered who cares I’ll just have a couple drinks. I didn’t though. I made it through. It’s still meddling in my head but I’m through the hard part of almost saying fuck it. I feel excited and scared. On a positive note I’m sober I can go get my son after his b day party. Safely, no drama finding someone to do it. :clap:t2: yay me. I just don’t feel accomplished enough at the moment. I’m not used to not doing a million things but clearly my body is like I have to. Without my boyfriend I’m tryin to keep my mind busy. Before I could vent to him or text him. Now I’m like :face_with_peeking_eye::pleading_face: damnit. One day my kids are going to be older and it’s going to always be like this. Lonely :weary: I have to find a career study quickly. I really want to focus on my nursing degree. So I can be a nurse at a school district or something with kids and decent hours. That’s the plan so far… okay I think I’m done. Thanks for reading if u made it this far 🫶🏻 :people_hugging:


Oh thats exciting you are pursuing nursing! Having a goal will help and you’ll be too busy to be lonely!

Be wary of using absolute words like always and never. You just got out of a relationship. It doesnt mean you will be alone forever.



Yes, I agree completely. I do try. Just was typing away. You are right. That’s why I love venting here so much because it does really help ! Thank u


You are right. Absolute words can be a set-up for a let down . Easy does it @Kristy4


I feel lonely, too. I am looking forward a new job that i will like. I think i will work for animals. Dog training seems sooo good. Wish me luck. But anyway i feel really lonely.


If u just keep a positive attitude you will go far. I wish u all the luck u need. Yeah. I’m never alone I’m always with my kids. Tonight I had a bit of probably much needed alone time. Just not used to it. Had me overthinking and feeling in my feels. I still feel that way. I am laying down now. Watching a movie. Browsing. Just guess everything is kinda kicking in. Just all of it. Wooo saaa :woman_in_lotus_position:t3: lol :joy: :people_hugging: at least we have each other here. To just kinda let it out.


Im feeling very lonely tonight too. But im with you in thoughts and im so proud of you for getting through today :blue_heart:


Thank u , yeah I can imagine it’s a common thing. Especially if u are single and going through healing and staying sober. Thank u for all the thoughts. It truly helps just knowing someone understands and is relating.