Feeling lonely

I used to think that I never had a drink problem and that I was normal but after speaking to my doctor recently she said I was a binge drinker. I’m ok for days and days without a drink but as soon as I have one I just can’t stop and I’m so fed up with it. My boyfriend is worried about me and so are my grownup boys but I just keep lying to cover it up.i just want to be normal and happy again and stop feeling ashamed and lonely.
Tomorrow will be day one again but I really want to get out of this hole

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I was an every day drinker for 20 years. After the first time I quit I became a binge drinker. The binge drinking is worse in some ways. More blackouts, more rage, more self hatred because it doesn’t make sense that you can go days or weeks without a drink and then can’t stop at just one. It’s a lonely place but remember you aren’t alone. You are here and so are hundreds of others. One day at a time. Good luck.


Thankyou keileigh. I’ve been looking on here every day for a week and it definitely helps to know I’m not alone. Today is my day one again.

I’m also feeling lonely just by reading these logs because I see my self in them, reality is setting in. I to want to get out of this hole.:unamused:

We can do it