Feelings lost


I’m new to this group. Yesterday was my 9 months sober. I am incredibly grateful for my sobriety and the blessings that come with it. I just am struggling lately as to my direction from here. I seem to get ahead of myself and have to take a step back. There are days I can barely get out of bed and than there are days I’m ready to take on the world. It seems I change my mind a lot regarding work, going back to school. Wondering if anyone else was at this point at 9 months. Thank you!:slight_smile:


Not at 9 months. More like 5, but I know the feeling. I chocked it up to “mid-life”. Had a bunch if stuff going on, and felt like I had stalled a bit. Not drinking or wanting to. More like a restlessness of “what next?”

My answer was to rediscover something that had interested me in the past, martial arts. I checked out a few schools and styles, decided on a school, signed up, and dove in. It has made all the difference.

Not suggesting that you take martial arts (unless of course you want to, then rock on!). Rather, try some new things, or dust off an old thing. Not a hobby. A passion. Running. Swimming. Bowling. Pottery. Painting. A musical instrument. Ballroom dancing. Something that requires focus and discipline to master.


I’m not as far along as you. I only have 5 months. What are you wanting to go back to school for? I experienced a lot of uncertainty with that, but I was still in active use when I got my masters. I think it’s probably pretty natural to feel uncertain in sobriety. I experience it from time to time. It’s one of the reasons I like to journal so much. I like to use it as a touchstone. A way to check in with myself and my goals, the ones I’ve set for myself, my marriage, my sobriety, the ones my therapist and I have set, etc. It regrounds me. Do you have any daily practices that you do, i.e meditation or exercise, or like @Yoda-Stevie said, martial arts or anything that can help you set a routine? Even something small that you do every single day can help bring some balance back to your life and help you feel not so adrift. Congratulations on 9 months. You’re doing great. :two_hearts:


Thank you, this really helps! I was a bit apprehensive of joining a online group but I really think this will be a positive place for me! Thank you:)


I hit my 270 days yesterday, I count my months in 30 day increments. When did you quit, you may be my sober twin!! And I’m totally right there with you on my direction and motivation. Some days I’ve got it and others I have absolutely none!! Welcome!


Congratulations on your 5 months! :heart:️ I haven’t been journaling as much. I think that’s something I should be doing everyday. I think I want to go back for social work. I have wrote my letter of application. It’s a big step for me bc during my years of active addiction I didn’t believe I could do anything. Now I have hope and dreams and goals I know I can achieve. I play piano and write music as well, which I would like to incorporate into therapy one day. I have started painting as well. Thank you for your post and kind words :heart:️:heart:️


Congratulations that’s amazing! My dry date is March 5th! :slight_smile:


My birthday was the 4th so the 5th was supposed to be mine too, but I drank on the 9th for the last time ever so my dry date is March 10th. :slight_smile:


I’m right there with you. I’ve not been sober as long, 2 plus months, but the feeling is similar, kind of like where do I fit in, in this world. Where do I want to fit in? I don’t have any answers, just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.


That sounds wonderful. Social work is a great career field and one that you can really feel like you’re truly giving back. Music is great too, that’s always been one of my go to’s for advice when someone is panicking. Unplug from the world for 10-15 minutes, close your eyes, and just deep breathe to whatever your favorite upbeat music is. The focus piano takes is very therapeutic I’m sure. My outlet is singing. I’ll be driving my husband batty with Christmas music over the next few weeks. :blush: I wish you luck with your schooling, you’ll have to keep us apprised!