Fell of the wagon AGAIN ! Please HELP!

I’m a single mother … and no family … I’m ok most of the time but I’m dealing with this all on my own, every time i left a message here no Response !!! :pensive:


I am so sorry that you haven’t gotten responses. I’m fairly new myself but I am always willing to listen. Hang in there. We are rooting for you :heart:

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Sorry you’re not feeling great. What’s on your mind?

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Hay hun just on my day 2 after my fall totally relate. But you can get back on and you can do this. If I can do it am sure you can. Sending you loads of love xx

I fell off the wagon this past weekend. Lots of self loathing. But I know that we all can do this because we are here for each other.

Do you go to any meetings?

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I’m not trying to be difficult but if you just leave a short message then we really don’t know how to support you. We can offer support BUT this community can be so much more if we are better informed. We don’t need specific information but more than falling off the wagon. As bad as it sucks to accept the hand, I strongly suggest you do.


No. Can’t go to meetings, I work during the day when my daughter is at school. She’s always with me, we are new in town … 10 months here … left America … we now live in the town of champagne that makes even worse not to drink

Hey, I just did the same thing last weekend were all human it happens. I’m in a program now that helps and supports each other. You ever think of joining something like that ? Meet good people that are going through the same things you are ? Make new friends ?

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Thanks so much for your words :clap:t2::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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I’m not depressed just stressed and need to stop drinking … Thanks so much for being there :heart:

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Good point and thank you for it. It’s 1 am here now falling asleep … my daughter goes to school tomorrow I didn’t have a drink in a week …but I had a bad stressful day … and I was back today with 3 strong beers

I wish I could do that ! I’m new in town here … I have nobody to take care of my daughter if I’m busy unless she’s at school … she’s just 4

Can’t for now hopefully I will this year

What’s causing the stress? Try working through something like an EDC model.

Emotions - what are they and why are you feeling them.

Decisions - What decisions can you make? Give yourself several decisions and when you’ve exhausted them, think of another one or two. Try to get a good 4 or so options, think how each one will make you feel.

Choice - you choose what is the best overall decision for you is, if it’s a drink or staying sober, then staying sober is the best option. This is you taking back control.

Don’t just apply this to drinking, whatever is stressing you, you can work through on these kinds of models, when you are struggling with decisions you can make, talk to people, post on here to get other points of view from people who understand.

You have to be entirely truthful though as only the truth can set you free.

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What about applying for daycare subsidy ? You can go directly down to Alberta Works there are workers that you can talk to and that can help you. There is one at Northgate Mall and another one on 105st and 102 ave. Early morning are best. Calling is pointless to be honest.

In early sobriety a lot sucks. Sleep, mood, emotions, cravings… Instead of turning to alcohol next time put together a relapse plan. Make a list of why you want sobriety. And this is the one I think helped me the most! I spent years in a cycle of wanting to quit but I didn’t know how to live life on life’s terms. So I’m a big supporter of a recovery program. Sobriety is hard AF recovery starts to teach us how to live in peace. All of the programs I mention have online presence as well as real life. Kids are always welcome at meetings I attend!!! AA/NA/CA. SMART and Women for Sobriety are the ones I know of and have been spoken of highly on here. Research on here or the web about a style that you can make work. Just abstaining is not a solution very often. Fix your why’s.


As suggested lift the phone make inquires youl prob find that there is help , as my late sponsor used to say if you make acall you might get a answer , it will give you a saftey net so when you feel like drinking lift the phone not the drink wish you well