Fellow Christians in Recovery

Hey, just wondering if there are any Christians on here in recovery and how u have found your walk with Christ through addiction?


Thats what i am struggling with. I 100% know God is there and wha He has done for me. But i repeatedly disobey Him. I feel like the book of Romans really describes what im like. But i have no idea what to do about it.

Thanks man. That means heaps. I have known about God for most of my life but i only got saved last October and it feels like im just getting slammed to be honest. Ive been bombarded with suicidal thoughts and stuff like that and man its just intense.

It stresses me out so much. Like so much

What stressing you out so much?? The honesty? Or is it your past wrong doings??

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Read Romans 10:9. If you believe with your heart and confess with your tongue you will be saved whether addicted or not. The consequences of what we do, we have to face but our salvation can never be stripped away

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I think probably how many times ive screwed up. Like Ive essentially just thrown it in His face, everything God has done for me. So how can i even ask His forgiveness or love. I am horrible.

Heb 9 verse 14-26 also explains it

Now I’m no professional. But I do have a relationship with God and I do go to church. You mentioned Romans. Think of what Paul did before he came to Christ. He killed Christians.
See where I’m going here??


Yeah but it would be the same as paul becoming a Christian…AND THEN going to kill a bunch of Christians.

Ahhh. I see where you’re coming from a little more now. I think You’re saying that things have happened since you were saved.
That’s a rabbit hole that’s not worth going down pal. We are flawed beings. We have sinned and will sin again. And will be forgiven.

Try to do good today. That’s all we can do. Try our best today


I really like all of Romans 8. It’s what was being taught when I first started going to church and I really got me


Thats what im struggling with. Why i am such a wretched person after everything Hes done for me. The guilt is killing me. So much so i wanna kill myself. Like someone once said to me Jesus knew about all the sins i would ever commit and he still died for me…so my brains like okay then he knew i wud kill myself so…but i know thats not the right answer.

Mark 10:27 is basically my life motto. Though I don’t follow any particular religion, I have found my Higher Power, who I call God, through AA. I know that without God I would not be able to stay sober.

Probably no human power could have relieved our alcoholism, but God could, and would, if He were sought.

Seek God, find sobriety.


I walked away from God a long time ago. When I got on my knees and asked God to help me, I started my recovery. I have since found that while I left God, God never left me.


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I’m a Believer, part of the body of Christ. I have been for a long time, even during my drinking days.

I have found my walk with Christ has gotten better with sobriety. Then again, everything has gotten better.

Prayer and scripture are a regular part of my day. I’ve found that with sobriety I pray more from praise and gratitude, rather than longing and despair.

Peace on your walk. May your road be made straight, hills flattened, way lighted even in darkness.


Guilt and shame are tools of the evil one. Christ’s grace covers all sin, past present and future. Jesus plus nothing equals salvation. You’ve decided to be better. Now be better. You are made clean through your faith.


I would probably say that I am not Christian in the same sense you are but I will say that God is a forgiving God. He welcomes all his children with open arms no matter what they have done in the past. I guess I think of the prodigal son story. Jesus explains it well there. Focus on your life moving forward. That is what God cares about.


I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are all given trials in our lives that are designed to make us stronger. This life is a test to see whom we choose. Remember the parable of the workers. Even the worker in the eleventh hour gets the same wage. It doesnt matter how much you slip and struggle as long as you’re trying to move upward.