Felony- finding a job

So it looks like im.gonna be stuck with a felony on my record… i was thinking about going to college again to find a better job til i realized now it might not even be worth it… are their careers you know that i could do with a felony… im praying it gets dropped to a misdemeanor but just preparing myself for the worst, although ive heard felony probation is better so my lawyer says lol

I have a friend in a similar situation who works as an electrician.

I have successful friends with felonies. A good employer sees you as you are now, not who you were.


Unfortunately there’s no hard and fast rule. It’ll depend on what you want to do and the type of charge you have plus your experience and education. Things like theft/assault that are at a felony level will make it very difficult to work anywhere. However, I live in a halfway house and almost everyone is a felon. Everyone has a job. Most guys who make decent money work blue collar like carpentry ($20-30hr) down to humble dish washers ($10hr). There are exceptions where guys come here that are general managers or business owners and make significantly more some of them have business education others don’t. My roommates gf is a felon who helped mug an old lady and got her kids taken away by the state. She’s been sober over ten years this year and now works for the state making good money and supports her four kids on her own, she went back to school as well. Basically you’ll just have to turn it over to your higher power wait and see. That probably didn’t help much but just know when the storm settles you can have a future you just need to stay sober.


Maybe going to school while building money or with an investor start your own business or practice. Being your own boss isnt that most peoples dream job. Felonies can certainly hurt job potiential and prospects but some jobs will still hire as long as it wasnt a violent crime. Percervere and work hard while never giving up eventually your cards will fall into place and your time will come to shine…


Nice to see you back. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I go to meetings with many people who have past felonies, have done prison time, etc. and who have gone on to have great careers and amazing lives in sobriety. I can think of nurses, an accountant, several counselors, an owner of a construction company…it is absolutely possible.

Just to give you some hope, this is a list of many employees who will hire people with felonies. It takes explanation and effort, but you can do it!


I advanced my professional career (IT Management) by getting hired with two felony DUIs. I told my then prospective employers about the charges, which were 5 years old and older at the time.

But in the job hunt process, I had at least two doors closed in my face when the issue came up. Hang in there, you will find the right fit.


This actually gave me hope
Thank you