Felt very "down" suddenly last night and this morning

I’d been feeling mostly positive yesterday morning and the day before, but last night I suddenly just felt a weird kind of unhappy. Like nothing would make me happy. I wasn’t interested in anything. I’d been getting ready to watch a movie and was looking forward to it for a couple of hours, started it, then immediately turned it off and went to bed. This morning I woke up and felt the same way so I just went outside, smoked a cigarette and went back to bed. I don’t feel bad now. It’s passed now, I just didn’t expect that so suddenly and don’t know where it came from.

It makes sense to me to feel that way during or the day after drinking but I was surprised for it to hit me like that 3 days after. Anyway, I don’t really know why I bothered typing it out, I’m not really expecting advice or anything just wanted to talk about it I guess. I know it’s normal to have days like that and I’ve had low days before, but it was just really sudden and intense.


Glad your feeling better. Life in general can leave us with weird feelings. Getting sober too.
For myself when this happens I just have to tell myself these feelings will pass, this time will pass and sure it does. It’s difficult while it is happening though :people_hugging:


Early sobriety is a roller coaster of emotions. I remember tears appearing with no warning. I think this roller coaster lasted several months.

My theory, and I’m NO expert, is that we’ve spent so long using substances to avoid feelings but the feelings never went away even though the situation did so once the substances are gone the feelings come back. But it’s weird now because your having the emotions without the situational context. It can be very disconcerting because it seems like there is no damn reason to be having these feelings!!!

But the feelings do pass. Just acknowledge them and just sit with them. It is 100% okay to feel sad/angry/scared/whatever. Just let the feelings be.



The depression I experienced while getting sober was crushing and suffocating. I kept thinking, “so this is it? This is my life now?” I felt so confused and lost.

:heart: Thanks for sharing - I feel connected when other people are able to be vulnerable.


I have those days too. I can go months feeling fine and then it just hits me. I feel alone, depressed, my mind starts spinning. I start to question my sobriety. Is it even worth it? But then I come back to reality.

Hang in there.


I can totally relate to these feelings. I drank because I was lonely and chardonnay was my only friend. Now that I’m sober i have to face the loneliness head on. Most of the time i can put on my smile and pretend all is good. You know fake it til you make it. But some moments the tears and the sadness feels overwhelming.
But those sad times pass. So know you are not alone. And even with the sad times, im grateful im not drinking.
Warm hugs to all