Fewer Calories to date

In the past 12 weeks since I quit drinking I consumed at least 27, 720 fewer calories and saved enough money to buy myself a 65” tv for my bday.
I’ve renovated my lower floor by installing tiles to three different projects.
Going to plant my garden when the snow melts off it and keep busy thru the summer
What’s your calorie consumption saved to date?
This consumption doesn’t include the amount of calories from all the fast food I used to eat. I’d eat out at least five days a week before I quit


Congrats on 12 weeks!
I’m going to decline on the discussion about calories because there’s others on the forum that suffer from food addiction but I’ll be happy to comment on the savings. I’m at 19 months and saved over $34K so far. Some days it makes me sick to think about how much I wasted over the years and other days it makes me happy to know I’m not supporting a drug dealer any longer.


That’s amazing and am so happy for you @Lisa07 what an incredible accomplishment :tada::100::muscle:t4::heart::pray:t4: Keep up the awesome work and winning :muscle:t4::partying_face::star_struck::100::pray:t4:

Interesting question so I just did rough calculation and came up with about 170,000 fewer calories in 154 days. $1240 not spent on whiskey. I have gone from 227 to 192 lbs since I quit drinking and started eating more healthy foods and working out 3x a week.

Bye for now…

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That’s something so powerful when you get a hold of it I know now. So happy for you @JB.5280 and thank you for sharing :muscle:t4::pray:t4::100: am about the numbers lost on the scale every day and keep track diligently of how much it contributes to my weight loss and upgrades around the house :house_with_garden: keep it up and have a great day :100::tada::muscle:t4::raising_hand_woman:t4::pray:t4:

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