Fighting boredom at home?

Hey guys,

Hit my day 7 today which is sweet! Still feeling really positive and relieved to be sober. However, I work remotely and when the job is slow, usually I have quite a few hours of downtime where I have to kind of be on standby at the computer in case something comes up. As you can imagine, putting an addict alone in their home with nothing to do it like putting a match to flame lol.

The cravings haven’t been too bad or anything, but I just thought I’d reach out to get them off my chest, really.

Any tips to quell boredom? I’ve just been exercising till I’m tired as flip, and reading books but after like 5 hours those thoughts kinda creep in lol.

Thanks guys!


Build a board or card game, and share it with us. I’ll play it.

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It’s funny you ask. I just came on here for the same reason. It’s a great place to be

Great job on your 7 days! It’s hard to answer this because I don’t really know what kind of person you are, but I’ll throw out some random ideas in case they’re helpful.

Having something to do with your hands could be really useful, and some of these you could mindlessly do while listening to an audio book (if you like that kind of thing). If you have to be near the computer anyway, you could take up puzzles, rediscover the joys of coloring in coloring books, write letters, practice improving your handwriting or learn how to draw. Learn HTML (or CSS or something more advanced if you already know those). Learn how to play chess. Learn a new language (DuoLingo is a pretty good program). Learn to juggle. Get a harmonica and learn how to play. Learn yoga or expand your horizons in the stretching department, it will keep you busy and you’ll feel great. Build something, like a model car or something.

Of course there are plenty of more ideas, but I don’t know what kind of a person you are. Some of those might sound kind of mundane, but we’re looking to fill the time rather than have an action packed experience.

Good luck.


These all absolutely rule, thank you for the tips!! I’m going to head out to get some supplies for tomorrow now lol.

Thanks again!


Glad to help. Please tell me you were convinced to learn how to juggle. :laughing: :wink:

Hahah 1000%. My girlfriend just told me of all those I should learn harmonica lmao. Love it

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Excellent decision by your girlfriend. Since she will hear you play, she clearly has faith in you. That’s real love and devotion right there. :+1: I hope you have a great time learning.

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Thanks again man! You’re the best!

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18 days. This has been the hardest part for me…there is only so much netflix and guitar I can play. I decided to go back to work remotely for reduced hours a day due to the boredom. Work at least provides some stimulation.

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I’ve been crocheting and doing paint by numbers… sounds really lame but I generally have a hard time sitting still. So repetitive hobbies that allow my mind to get into a bit of a zen state are so helpful.


Trueee man. Netflix is dropping the ball lately lol. Idk how there’s so much content yet absolutely nothing to watch lmao

That’s awesome! I picked up some sketch books and coloring books so we can be zen in tandem!


You could try learning a bit of a foreign language… there are lots of free / inexpensive options on the internet. Look around ! is good, but it’s a paid site (though certainly not expensive).
I’m using it pretty much every day.

Any tips for boredom when you’re at home with my dominant hand is broken? I can assure you that the left hand has no idea what it’s doing.
Humor yourselves, and brush your teeth with your opposite hand…