Fighting the craving today

Just argued with myself my entire journey home whether to go to the shop and get some alcohol literally my whole half hour journey back.
I however did not and im now running a nice bath to take my mind off it! Day 6!


Well done, Stormy! Finding nice things to do for yourself as a replacement is so important, and ultimately so much better! My flight was just cancelled and it’s been really stressful and now I won’t be back in NYC until tomorrow and I’m meant to be moving house and now my partner has to do it all on her own! All these things were swirling around in my mind as justifications to drink - but I reminded myself of the wise things many people on this forum have shared: Namely, that it’s really important to not drink ‘at’ something or someone. Have a nice, relaxing bath! :cherry_blossom:

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Great! It is day 7 in my case.


Great job!!

Thanks, honestly I am sad, I had 10 months before. My feelings are changing between sadness and new motivation

Thanks all im so glad i made that decision as by now id probably be drunk and doing stupid things! Instead im relaxed has a nice dinner and watching some tv :slight_smile: and i know i will also get a great night sleep and wont waste my day tomorrow!

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Good for you, Stormy. Hang in there.

Well done @Stormy, it’s hard but you did it!! Way to go!!! Think about how you will handle it next time, so you are mentally prepared. Great Job!!

Im taking it one day at a time :slight_smile: so so glad ive woken up hangover free today! Night of weird dreams though so im still tired as i woke up alot seems to happen most nights.
Fridays are always a trigger for me so im so proud i havnt drank!

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I have been known to tell that little voice in my head to “f@#$ off”…the looks I get in the grocery store are amusing…but hey…keeps me sober.