Finally did something to help myself

Today I am switching over to a flip phone. I got my new phone a couple days ago to let myself ride through these days, hoping I can still get past my addiction and have my normal phone. I almost relapsed in those couple of days, but it made me realize choosing to get a flip phone was me choosing to love myself.

This might be the last time I’m on here for a while, my plan to go porn free leads me to live my life technology free. I believe this will help me get past this horrible addiction.

So thanks to those who have read the things I’ve posted, and thanks to those who have spoken to me. See everyone in a while. :blush:


Thanks @Anna191.

I was kind of hoping that you would find a way to stay on TS, but I’m sure going off the grid technologically will be helpful.

If you can ever access a computer, our website is

When I’m on the computer, my web access is whitelisted to the few sites that I regularly use.