Finally have a reason to be happy

I am so happy to be able to say this! I am more than 6 months cigarette free and only 2 days away from 4 months of sobriety! 4 months no booze! My boyfriend finally gave me the ultimatum I needed to hear, quit fucking drinking or we’re done. It was really hard the first couple of weeks, driving home from work every day and passing all the liquor stores I would have normally stopped at for my after work road pops, and than stopping again to pick up a 6 pack so I could bring it home and convince my boyfriend it was my first drink of the day. He always knew I was bullshitting him, but was too nervous to bring it up because it would have started another huge fight, to add another one to our long list of drunken girlfriend fights. Fuck I cant believe he put up with my shit for 15 months, I didnt realize how lucky I was to have him until I sobered up.

All that time I thought he was the annoying asshole in our relationship, I finally realized that it was ME! I was the fucking asshole! This whole time, I was the asshole! Who’da think it?!?

So after a couple of weeks, I started going to the gym…than I started hiking…so lucky to live in an area on this planet that has beautiful trails and lakes within a 15 minute drive from my house!

Now being active is a passion, i finally for the first time since high school, actually have hobbies! I kayak as much as i can, and I climb mountains as often as I can! Like…real fucking mountains!

I cant believe I took my body for granted for all these years, the hell I put myself through just to feel a buzz. The stupid risks I took every day, from having my morning drinks on the way to work, going to the beer store on lunch break and than again driving home. I even lost my licence a couple years back from a dui…know what I did? Not only did I keep drinking and driving, but I would show up to my ‘Responsible Drivers Program’ half cut, and than lie to everyone in the class about how long I had been sober.

I only realize now all of the lies that I told so that I could get away with drinking.
So, SO happy I’ve turned my life around!

I’m 60lbs down and already in the best shape I’ve been in since highschool!

If I can do this, all of you can too!


What a lovely post to read really well done! Its amazing how much we are not living due to alcohol days weeks months and years wasted and missing all the beautiful things around us!


That’s an amazing story! Congratulations! I’m sure a lot of us can relate to exactly that! I know I can… Except I’ve always know I was an asshole… :rofl:

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Great share.
Wonderful to hear such positivity.
Well done you! :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing and congratulations! X

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That’s one inspiring story, thank you for sharing , really. You should be so very proud and keep on fulfilling those great experiences xx

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