Finally made it 90 days

Good Day everyone, first i would like to thank you all. Before i found this app i was relapsing every 2 or 3 days. This app showed me i was not alone and i could talk to real people going through the same thing. I know i still got a long road in front of me, every day is going to be a struggle. Some days harder then others and just because i quit drinking the roads not always going to be easy. Please reach out to someone and never feel embarrassed. Me personally I’m not here to judge anybody. Love you all and God bless you all


Nice work Chad! :blush:

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Well done Buddy!

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3 months are huge! Be very proud!

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Great job! :tada:

Way to go on your 90!!!

Congratulations on reaching 90 days! :star_struck::sunglasses:

Your amazing well done x

Wonderful job!

Congratulations, sober twin! Well done.

Well done :grinning: