Finally told my best friend

So my best friend I hardly get to see. She has a lot of health problems and often we arrange to meet for coffee and it has to be cancelled at last minute. She’s a great friend but I’ve managed to hide my drink problem from her as I don’t see her much.

I decided I need to tell her and be accountable and also I always felt guilty around her. She is ill through no fault of her own yet I choose to poison my body.

Anyway I’ve sent her a really long text explaining things. I know a text seems cowardly but I rarely see her and I knew if I didn’t do it now I would lose courage. Just sent it minutes ago so waiting on a response.
I’m really nervous but also relieved .


That’s great. You have a lot of courage and I know she will be very understanding. It is good you told her so you have more support and more accountability. Very brave and wise of you

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I don’t know about courage it has taken a very long time to tell her especially since she has a brother with a bad drink problem that has caused really awful problems for her family. I just hope she can support me x

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If you felt she should know then you’ve done the right thing by telling her :blush: you’ll be more relaxed when you do see her and she will be able to cheer you along, She may well be more understanding because of her brother. My brother in law is an alcoholic, although he’d never admit it, he has caused no end of bad feeling in our family but I can still sympathise with him because alcoholism is a disease.
I have not had one bad reaction from telling friends I don’t drink anymore, only support, encouragement and a bit of curiosity from those who don’t know me well (I just tell those people it’s for health reasons, any alcohol is too much alcohol when you have a son who is going to need you around his whole life)
I’m sure you will get a good response, well done for reaching out to her and being honest with her x


Thank Shell she has replied and has been wonderfully supportive. I will hopefully be meeting her next week so we will see. I can usually tell her anything but I felt such shame x


That’s a huge step towards something good, be proud of yourself

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Sp glad your friend is being supportive of you … remember your poorly too us addicts jave a un curable diese… so proud of u for telling her that takes guts … when i told my best friend it made us alot closer x


Courage isnt the absence of fear, its taking action inspite of fear…so yes, there was courage


Thank you that’s true I guess

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Thanks Natalie I hope it’s ok when I meet her x

It will be …my best friend said she always new i was fucked up lol … were closer then ever x