Finally trying to stop


I have been a heavy marijuana smoker for 4 years and since I smoke, I can not just live my life without worrying about a drug test. I have high anxiety too and when I don’t smoke I get irritated and angry so much easier. I am just ready to not have to worry about jobs and I also wanna quit being angry everytime I don’t smoke. Not to mention all of the money I am about to save. I spend $200-$300 on marijuana every month and everytime I figure that up…it blows my mind. And I am ready to start saving all of that or doing something beneficial with it.
Anyone else feel this way?


Well congrats on the realization! Now it’s time to put it into action!


Thank you!! I did not want to quit for along time. I just said i wanted to but never did it. I am making myself now. I already feel myself getting irritable but i am fighting it


So, do something to redirect that emotion! Pushups, or run around the block. Find something to keep your mind off it. Heck; take a nap!


That is definitely a good idea. I am about to go for a walk before it rains.


There you go! Enjoy your walk! Stay dry! :wink:


I walked 3 miles and i am pretty proud of that lol


marijuana is a hell of a drug, i was addicted for 24 years on and off, giving up smoking was the best thing i could have done, good luck if u have any questions just pm, addictions is tough but it is worth quitting, congrats😁


I think of weed as a nasty time waster now making me lazy and dumb. For a lot of time though I lied to myself to say that I loved weed.
I think the great thing is, after the initial withdrawal its like the fog is clearing visibly. Everyday I could feel my clarity and mental capacity coming back, my motivation, my feelings and interests. I got 46 days but because I thought I could controll it I lost it. Spoiler: I could NOT controll it. Now at day 14 and loving life, I say you got this! Its like becoming human again

And the money part gets pretty awesome in sobriety too $$$


dont give up, is worth it, u get plenty of time back


Unfortunately once time is lost it is lost for ever. I will never accept that I have plenty of time, as any human with plenty of any ressource waste a lot of it. My general idea is that I only have Now which is really little time and Its true , I dont have much time. So not wasting any of it on weed or pills


good for u bro, one day at time. Relapsing only makes it worse.


I’ve been there! I was an all day every day smoker. My budget was more like 200-300 a week. Honestly what worked for me was running. Started off with my goal just being a mile. Once I reached that goal I was hooked


Yes it sure is. For the longest time ive told myself i need to quit but never really wanted to but now I do. And thank you i have never went through recovery before…but I know i got this.
Thank you!


Honestly i agree with you! I lied to myself too and said I love weed. My mind keeps trying to convince me i do too lol but I won’t give in. I need my clarity and motivation back. I run a business so i need to be clear. And i can’t wait to see my money build up


I’ve actually started walking. I am very out of shape lol so I am definitely having to push myself. I have thought about smoking all day and didnt but I walked 3 miles and it was awesome


just remember when does little voices tell u, to smoke a joint make sure u do something else, and u will feel better, since u have only done it for 4 years, u are already winning.


Hey @Butterflyash97 well done on making this choice and choosing a different way of being in the world. My DOC was alcohol but I used that, in part, to manage my anxiety. I used to be a big weed smoker before I turned to alcohol, about 20 years ago. I have a helluva CV right? Anyway, turns out both actually increased my anxiety enormously but I didn’t realise it then. Since being sober (73 days) my anxiety is massively reduced and I can think clearly and sensibly. In my first three weeks I walked for miles everyday too, and that also helped me. You can do this! Welcome to your new life :blush:


Good job! Idk where you live, but where I’m at the weather is really starting to get warm and parks are opening up and those are nice places to walk.