Finding it hard to sleep


Every night I find it hard to go to sleep and when i do get to go sleep I wake up after awhile and then it takes ages for to go back to sleep if I get to go to back to all
Please can you tell me you get to sleep at nights


It took me a few weeks. How long have you been sober?


Took me almost 2 1/2 weeks - I started taking melatonin and it helps me.


I started listening to a progressive muscle relaxation podcast that has helped me on those nights. I’m typically out cold before it’s over.


Hey! That sounds good. What is it called?


Hi 35 days since I last had a drink
I been off work with stress and anxiety but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better


I like getting lost in Binaural Beats. Look those up in YouTube and put some headphones on to get full experience.


Thanks! @Nickgib this may be something for you too…? Your stress levels need to go down first. There is some other sound advice in this thread.


Thank you for your help


@Nickgib I’m 40 days and still don’t sleep the best. I think it’s different for everyone. I’m not taking any meds to help. My anxiety still comes and goes. The best thing that helps me is working out at the gym. Not only is it good physically, but it’s social and kills time. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


At the moment I go to bed tired and I get up even more tired in the morning the doctor has given me some meds but I don’t think they have started to kick in yet


@Nickgib probably the anxiety. You are going to have to find a way to relax yourself. I current sleep about half the night n bed and half on the couch. I know that’s crazy but about the only way I get good sleep


I listen to audiobooks. Fiction, because non-fiction makes me stay alert. I set my timer at half an hour and mostly i’m asleep before that. If I don’t listen to it, I cannot stop the thoughts and I cant get relaxed. Ive always had sleeping issues but with my books and no booze I feel well rested, finally.


This might sound cheesy but I have so many bad thoughts at night so I YouTube sleep meditation on YouTube put it on my phone there all different types one that makes me fall asleep fast I’d called fall asleep fast meditation or there is one called sleep and anxiety meditation . It really helps me to focus on my breathing and relaxing and I pass out .


Its common early on. Go to you tube and try Guided meditation by either Jodi Whitney or Michael Seely. They will guide you to sleep and introduce you to meditation. I guarentee you will be asleep withing 10 minutes of the 60 +/- video. Plug in your head phones and unplug your mind.


:+1: great advice


Relax. Don’t panic. It will come. The body will take care of itself when it isn’t abused. Don’t’ fear being awake. Patiently wait for the sleep. It took me a week.


We , addicts, surely have that problem, aren’t we? And sleepless nights can push us into our bad habits.
As for me, i messed up my sleep so bad that, i thought i would never get to sleep, like a normal person. But then, i develop the habit of getting sunshine at least 30 mins a day and found out that it make a huge difference! It is said that getting sunlight reset our messed up arcadian rhythm and help release sleep hormone when it become dark. Mediatating or listening to relaxing music or taking a walk in a green neighbourhood in the sunlight gonna help, i suggest.
And i suggest, u should download and listen to shawn stevenson 's podcast about how to get a good night sleep. It was really eye- opening for me, in terms of getting a quality sleep.


This thread is somewhat depressing. You have to relax. You forced your body to stay up late drinking and hanging out. You did this countless times over and over again. This is your body’s current routine. The first week sleep is not happening. It takes like 3 days just for alcohol to completely leave your body. You have to put things in perspective.

Also remember not drinking is not necessarily a cure all. It’s the first step. If you’re really struggling to get sleep try exercising, chamomile tea, and melatonin. And give yourself a break. Switch up your routine to highly productive for **28 days. ** this is how long it takes to break bad habits.

You will be fine. Don’t stress.


I’ve always been an insominac. I have to listen to something to get to sleep. Not music though that keeps me awake. All the above suggestions are great. Find one that sits well with you and you’ll soon be well away in boboland. For me i can get to sleep but my problem is staying asleep. Good luck.