Finding it hard to stay sober


Good job on 90! I am only on 34 but understand the difficulties of having kids and not having meetings available for whatever reason. I found it helpful to checkout women for sobriety online, check in here at least daily and I have also listened to AA podcasts while working around the house. Don’t give up, you can get thru this.


Remember that just one beer isn’t gonna do shit for you.


I know SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and AA all have online, phone-based, and group chat type meetings.



Woah this is all new to me. I guess illbealing some calls and see if they welcome children at the meetings near me. :blush: I appreciate all the advice and support. :blue_heart:


Welcome and congrats on 90 days. Just wanted to let you know going to my first meeting was THE hardest thing I ever did. I didnt think i belonged there, was scared to see someone i knew, i was afraid of being judged, and if I’m honest , I thought I was to good to go to AA. HA!! Turns out AA was just where I needed to be. I have been sober 478 days because I put my pride aside and stepped into that room. I had to do whatever it took to get sober. Stay strong and keep asking for help.


Like everyone said…don’t listen to beer #1. I did after 100 days and within a week I was same old storey- drunk 4-7 nights a week! AND it took me 6 months to get back where I am now - day 6!.

I’m at AA for real this time and it is helping greatly along with this great group of people.

I know your struggle and I wish you strength.:muscle:


I started going to meetings. Something about talking to people face to face helps so much


I am almost 8 hours in…but already confronted with a steep hurdle. My mother in law dropped a bottle of wine off and sitting on my counter. It’s Friday nearing 5 pm my time and I don’t know if I have the willpower not to open it. I’m sorry I hope I’m not saying this in the wrong space. Just looking for support.


Woah I’d probably pour it out and say not to bring alcohol over


The thing is I am new to this and alcohol is not my main issue but it is a gateway to lower my inhibitions to get to my real problem drug. She doesn’t know I’m trying to get sober because she doesn’t know I have problem with a particular drug.


Hey congrats on the 90 days! I’m struggling too I’m 60 days clean from Crystal meth and heroin… Everyday is a struggle but I enrolled in a methadone clinic and it’s the only thing that ever helped me. Things are looking up and I believe they will for you too. I know it can suck sometimes cause I been there too but try to keep your head up and congratulate yourself on what you have done you’ve come so far! :slight_smile:


We have a meeting near me thats kid friendly. Everyone takes their kids. I have taken my kids to any meeting im there to stay sober for me and if the other people dont like it bad luck. I have also found some older sober members sometimes will go do stuff with the kids so i could sit and listen


Well done on 90 days, you work 6 days a week and run around after the kids, so what do you do for yourself? If you are like me you probably don’t do anything for you. You need to take time for yourself, you are so busy with everything you pile on the stress and it’s contributing to the way you feel about drinking. Don’t feel guilty for having you time it is essential you fit that in, if you don’t care for yourself you will be no good to anyone, take time to relax, have quiet time, pamper yourself, mediation will do you loads of good if you’re limited as it can be done at home when the kids have gone to bed