Finding my fun

So I’m 3 weeks and 4 days off the bottle after 22 years. Detox is as expected but has’nt altered my drive for sobrierty.

One thing that keep’s nerve wrecking me however, is the thought of not being able to find my “fun”, or moreover, not being able to hit that level of loose-likeness when I was drinking… I have a concert in September and although I’m super excited, the one thing that keeps nagging me is how am I going to enjoy it without the bottle… has anyone else experienced this, amd how have you dealt with “finding your fun” again?


That fun and carefree person is inside you the whole time and in time, you’ll find her. All you need to do learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, only time and sobriety can do that.

September is still pretty far away and if you remain sober, you will be a completely different person by then, I guarantee it, so don’t worry about it. :blush:


I totally get that. I feel like I’m much more serious now. Really I think I’m just romanticising what I was like drunk. Maybe I was a bit looser but I was also an embarrassing twat :joy:

+1 @Dejavu for giving it some time. You will work out the bits your drunk and sober selves have in common. It might surprise you! You might make more of existing hobbies and relationships or you might find new ones.

None of us know what the future looks like and so it’s probably not worth worrying about too much. Taking it one day at a time is a useful approach when overthinking kicks in, bring it back to today and just deal with what’s in front of you :blush:


I’ve been to 2 concerts sober now. And I had just as much fun. If not more. The only thing that annoyed me was the drunk arsehols!
Don’t try andoverthink this. It will come.
And that’s in September! You have a load of 24 hours to go before you get there.
Believe me when I say, by then you will be a different person if you embrace sobriety like I have.
Smile, it might never happen :smile:


I went to a hockey game last night, 2 drunk guys in the seats right behind me and I chose be entertained rather than bothered. What did bother me was $10 for a black coffee. FOR COFFEE ??? I went without. No booze + no coffee = still a good time.


Yeah. I had to laugh. I watched a group of Lads. When we got there they were already loaded. I watched them slowly go down through the night.
Support band they were jumping about, being foolish lads, by the time the main artist came in I could see them slowing right down, almost falling asleep.
I did wonder if that was what I was like before? :joy:


I used to always go to concerts sober. I let go of my inhibitions, danced the night away and actually remembered them all. I kind of regret all the shows that I only have fuzzy memories and pictures of. Go and just remind yourself that while the alcohol might have made you feel like you could ‘let loose’ more, you’re still that fun person that can have an amazing time and enjoy the music and energy.


One day at a time. You don’t need to think about September now. Just today. As you spend more time sober, you will see that you feel life much more deeply and enjoy moments in much more poignant and meaningful ways. What you once defined as fun will look empty and hollow in comparison. I am only a few months sober, but I am already experiencing life on a whole new level.


I ask the same question and am pretty sure I was. I guess thats the reason I enjoy it, because its not me this time and with focus and determination it wont be.


Thanks guys and girls. I really appreciate the feedback. September is a wee way away and your right, what I think is fun whilst drunk, may not have been all that enjoyable in reality. There truly is so much more to life and I really can’t wait to experience it sober. Positive vibes x