Finding myself

I am currently 250 days sober and I have become the person I have always wanted to be when I was drinking. I however have now substituted alcohol with unhealthy foods. Now I am struggling to be healthy I don’t know what is wrong with me, Today is my second day trying to stop eating junk and still protect my sobriety. Is there anyone feeling like me😢


Congrats on the 250 days sober that’s awesome and there’s nothing wrong with you since I’ve quit I have also found myself eating more junk foods and putting on a little weight but I feel that’s something I can deal with down the road I’d much rather be eating a bit more than using that’s the way I look at it but if it’s bothering you just keep working at cutting down on the junk food


First of all Congratulations on your 250 days thats awesome!!
During the first year while our bodies are healing and adjusting its normal to have to find a new balance with eating etc, for me Id drink full sugar coke for a year to stop the cravings then weaned myself off it, its just a case of adapting, and where you feel its unhealthy start making small changes.

You’ve already made a huge change don’t be overly tough on yourself :hugs:


Thank you so much for the encouragement

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I really really appreciate all the support and encouragement

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took me over a year before I decided to stop eating a whole packet of chocolate digestives a day as well as god knows what else. I still eat the god knows what else but its progress not perfection we strive for so for now enjoy your sobriety and everything will happen when it’s meant to. congrats on your sober days BTW :+1:


Thank you so much for the encouragement and support

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I have about half your time sober and I gained a little weight not drinking. I have noticed my sugar intake to have increased a bit since stopping. I just want to eat junk food. Right now I know the junk food is a lot better for me than alcohol so I’m ok with it. But I will be making some diet changes in the future to get back on track. I think my body is still adjusting so I’m cutting myself some slack. I read a post from @Matt a while back and he called it the “ anything method”. That is, where your allowed to do ANYTHING to maintain sobriety. specifically an example he gave was having ice cream for breakfast. I haven’t gone that far haha but I like the method and remind myself of that if I get too in my head with self pity. Cheer up! Your sober! That’s awesome! Tackle the cutting out the junk food slowly. It will get better. Everything always does! Especially if you stay sober! :+1:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

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Anything that’s

safe and legal


(I don’t mean to be rude but I just want to be sure no one does something unwise - there’s lots of things that aren’t safe and/or legal, that I wouldn’t advise people to do. We never know who might be reading these threads since the forum is public :innocent:)

I like your example of ice cream for breakfast. I have actually done that myself! Would recommend as a way to surprise yourself one day & have some fun. You’re absolutely right:

1000% true - right on! :star_struck:

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Thank you for adding this! I forgot the disclaimer portion which is important Haha :joy: your the best Matt. The heavy hitters always come out when you need them! :+1:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

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Congratulations on your 250!!! I went thru the same thing…a bit later in my sobriety…about a year and a half in the sugar thing was out of control. I had always had a sweet tooth, but I was a baking machine and an ice cream gobbler. And pasta! Ruffles potato chips! M&Ms! All my lovelies. It was not sustainable, nor healthy at my age or the weight I was carrying…even with all the running and HIIT I was doing.

I started on keto … tho not the heavy handed meat type … more the healthy fat, lots of veggies, full fat dairy, lots of eggs, nuts and seeds…no processed food/carbs/wheat/no sugar type. It helped me break the sugar thing. I had a much needed 40+ lb weight loss and felt 100% clearer headed and loved not having the ups and downs of glucose.

I upped my carbs last year because I missed bananas and other high carb fruits and potatoes and it just felt like time. I still am off sugar and processed foods and wheat. I eat real food and bake gluten free using sugar alcohols (no insulin spikes).

In my early days I indulged what I needed to stay sober…my #1 priority, as my sobriety became my lifestyle, then I began the other changes. I am definitely a master one thing at a time kind of person.

I support making healthy food choices. I also support enjoying food. Right now I am enjoying fruit a lot and green smoothies. Who knows, I may be enjoying Ruffles and M&Ms again someday and that is okay too.

Do what makes you and your body feel good and strong and lets you live your best life. :heart: And baby steps is what works best for me. :heart: