First 7 days! Changes made and lessons learned

So today is 7 days, and I feel absolutely great. My susbtance abuse cost me a 10 year relationship, friends, got me debt and very nearly my job.

Since I made that vow 7 days ago, I’ve started working out again, signed up to a recovery centre and have been assigned a key worker. Started listening to audio books on minfdulness. Started meditating, and cut off a number of friends.

I’ve learned most my friends were simply drinking buddies, even after explaining my intentions they were still calling and texting trying to get me to join them for the usual binges.

I’ve learned regardless of what other people say, whether they seem supportive or not, we are doing this for ourselves and whilst it might be hurtful for a brief moment, the rewards of being sober are 100000x greater!

Thanks everyone for posting your stories etc, really motivating!


Congratulations! :confetti_ball: Keep those days going!

Well done keep being strong

Nice one! Keep the positivity going! :grinning:

Very positive week by the sounds of it, well done, keep it up. I’m right there with you on 7 days! :blue_heart: